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A way to short treatment times with iontophoresis

Aluminium Electrodes

Anxiety sweating

Better to use grids or towels for iontophoresis

Big Silicone Electrodes

Big Special Applicator

Comfort Treatment Tubs

Compare iontophoresis units

Complete Spare Parts Set

Contraindications of Iontophoresis

Current Care

Dermalight 80, worldwide shipping is included in the price

Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating Treatments

Face Mask

Features of our iontophoresis devices

Grids, two pairs

Hidrex classicION

Hidrex connectION

Hidrex connectION

Hidrex connectION 3 Instalments

Hidrex connectION 6 Instalments

Hidrex connectION

Hidrex Iontophoresis

Hidrex PSP - PIC

Hidrex PSP1000



Idromed 5 DC

Idromed 5 PC

Idromed 5 PC 3 instalments

Idromed 5 PC 6 instalments

Idromed Iontophoresis


Iontophoresis Cables

Iontophoresis Info

Iontophoresis used to stop sweating


Mains Plug Hidrex

Mains Plug Idromed

Priority Support

Repair Fee

Set Duo

Severe Sweating

Small Repair Fee

Small Silicone Electrodes

Small Special Applicator

Stainless Steel Electrodes

Sweating - what can I do?

Sweating too much - Iontophoresis as a solution for treating Hyperhidrosis symptoms

Tap water Iontophoresis

The advantages of Iontophoresis

Towels, two pairs

Transportation Case

Underarm Pads with electrodes for Hidrex

Underarm Pads with electrodes for Idromed

Underarm Pads without electrodes

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