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Trusted Shops

We are Trusted Shops certified. Through this certification you are guaranteed (as our customer) several insurances which are covered for free if you sign up after the payment process is completed

We offer two different money back guarantees that are both valid for devices bought from us.
The first of these guarantees is our own (We offer a 8-weeks money back guarantee.); allowing you to return the device if you achieve no noticeable improvement through Iontophoresis therapy.
The second guarantee is from our Partner "Trusted Shops"; assuring you that your money is returned as agreed to. This is the "The Trusted Shops guarantee by Atradius".
Money-back guarantee by Trusted Shops/Atradius

What is the Trusted Shops guarantee?

The Trusted Shops guarantee - provided by Atradius free of charge for the consumer - gives you security when you pay in advance, for example when ordering a product by prepayment, credit card or direct debit. Thanks to the money-back guarantee, on e shopping is just as safe as going to the corner shop - while offering all of the advantages that come with buying over the Internet: convenience, competitive prices, tremendous selection and easy comparison shopping.

  • Non-delivery of goods: If the goods are not delivered, Trusted Shops will take action immediately after you have registered your complaint. If the dispute cannot be resolved, Atradius will refund your advance payment upon approval of your claim.
  • Non-refund after returning goods*: The Trusted Shops guarantee by Atradius also comes into effect if you do not receive a refund after returning goods according to the shop’s return policy.
  • Credit card fraud: Atradius will also pay for an agreed excess in case of a fraudulent use of your credit card that can be traced to a transaction made at one of our accredited shops.

* Goods made to the consumer’s specifications (e.g. custom-made suits) or fresh goods which deteriorate rapidly (e.g. food, flowers), travel (delivery of travel guarantee coupon), event tickets, audio and video recordings or computer software which have been unsealed by the consumer, software downloads as well as newspapers, periodicals and magazines are exempt from this guarantee.

How does it work?

After placing your order with a Trusted Shops retailer, you only have to register for the Atradius’s money-back guarantee. Put your selection in your shopping cart and pay as usual. After confirming your order, you will see the following text:

“As a Trusted Shops member, we offer the additional service of a money-back guarantee backed by the Atradius Insurance Group. We pay all the costs for this guarantee. You only have to register!”

Click on the button “Register for money-back guarantee…” and fill in the requested information. Your purchase is now covered by the Atradius money-back guarantee! If you should encounter any problems with the delivery or returned goods, click here.

Please verify the authenticity of the Trusted Shops seal. Click here for detailed instructions.

What are the benefits you get?

Safe web shopping at the click of a mouse is no longer just a utopian vision. Trusted Shops offers you comprehensive protection for online shopping. Shops displaying the Trusted Shops seal guarantee you safe shopping, regardless of how you choose to pay! And if problems should still nevertheless arise, Trusted Shops is there to help.

Trusted Shops with money-back guarantee from Atradius

  • Insures you when shopping online against financial loss due to non-delivery or return of goods
  • Protects you against credit card fraud
  • Accredits only shops that comply with our stringent requirements regarding security, privacy and transparency
  • Gives you a complete online overview of all your guarantees
  • Offers you fast and easy help in case of problems - a convenient alternative to lengthy and expensive disputes
  • Integrates consumer groups’ demands for clear and comprehensive identification of online shops.

And all these services at no extra charge to you because the shop bears the costs.

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