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Please note that this item can be sold and shipped only to countries that require a CE Mark / either a CE Mark or a FDA approval, but not to countries that necessarily require FDA approval (like USA).

The Dermalight® 80 is a mobile UV-light therapy device. It is very easy and flexible to handle due to its easy plugged and attached light-comb therapy. The Dermalight 80 is suitable for treatment of the body and scalp.

Same price for UV-A and UV-B Bulbs.

For 110V areas like USA and Japan you need to have a Step-up transformer

UV-B/311nm-used for the treatment of
· Psoriasis
· Vitiligo  
UV-A -used for the treatment of
· Neurodermatitis
· Acne
· Woodlight (diagnostics)

Provides variable usage:

Body therapy:
Without the hair comb it is the ideal home therapy device for lokal usage. (UV/A- oder UV/B-Bulps)

Your set includes the attachable light comb for the best results in scalp therapy.

Every set contains the UV-comb, the comb attachment, the UV-protective goggles, the LCD-timer and a suitcase for shock-proof packing and storage. To view photo’s click the "DETAIL" tab in the bottom right corner of the Dermalight image.

Why choose the Dermalight 80?

- Light-guiding, rounded comb attachment for a smooth and precise spot treatment of the scalp
- 4 years warranty (Bulbs are not included).
- Wide treatment area
- Lightweight and easy construction
- No doctor's prescription needed!
- Short treatment time
- Easy and quick to clean
- Ideal for home therapy
- High-quality workmanship
- Ageless design
- 240 V version

Why to choose us as your supplier?

- 8 weeks money back guarantee!
- All prices include world-wide express delivery!
- All products are in stock and usually leave the same we receive your order. (Orders must be made before 12 MEZ)
- We pack discrete! 
- Fast delivery via express air-mail!
- Every Dermalight 80 comes with a full 4 years warranty! (Bulbs are not included).
- We accept Visa and Master Card!
- Choose between UV/A- or UV/B- Bulbs, both cost the same price
- Prompt and fast support

Our devices are of the highest medical quality, with added electronic safety features built into each and every device.

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