What is the best iontophoresis device for the best results?

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What is the best device for the best results?

Pulsed Current vs. Direct Current

It is easy to say that the best device we have available is our "pulsed current" unit: the Idromed 5 PC

With the Idromed 5 PC you will not feel the current as much as you would with other Iontophoresis devices. That is not to say that the Idromed DC is ineffective, however the DC device can sometimes cause more irritation at higher current settings – this can be uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin or for use with children. This irritation is not as prominent with a PC device.

Also there is a prolonged warranty upon the Pulsed Current Device Idromed5PC

The PC unit uses a ‘pulsed current’ whereas the DC device uses a ‘direct current’, this new pulsed-current Iontophoresis technology results in very little irritation, allowing current settings to be increased for a better result.

To give you an example of the difference between the two machines: an Idromed PS device running at a current of 25mA would feel similar to an Idromed GS device running at a current of 5mA, the setting goes higher but there is far less irritation caused. The higher the level you can adjust the current to, the more effect you will have.

Direct and pulsed direct currents will both have the same results, but a pulsed current Idromed is a must for…

- Sensitive patients (specially for children)

- Higher current treatment levels, the more current the more success!

- Underarm usage

- A more delicate treatment

If you are not able to spend so much money on the PC device, then we suggest you choose the DC device. With the DC device the current can be harder to tolerate and sensitive customers may not get the same result as wished. If you find you are unable to tolerate the current settings required - you can return the machine using our 8 week trial.

For Hyperhidrosis, the Iontophoresis-therapy using only tap-water with either the Idromed® 5 DC or PC device - is an appropriate and reliable solution. Without drugs, with very few side effects and without operations, Hyperhidrosis can be treated successfully in most cases.

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