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iontophoresis treatment of the hands with idromd

Idromed 5 DC

Iontophoresis Device DC (direct current)

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Additional Stainless Steel Electrodes**:
Armpit Pads w/ Electrodes:
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Idromed 5 GS Direct Current (DC) Iontophoresis Device

If you want to treat Hyperhidrosis using Iontophoresis-therapy, then the Idromed 5 is the appropriate and reliable unit of choice. Without the use of drugs, with very few side-effects and without surgery; Hyperhidrosis can be treated successfully in the majority of cases.

** At the moment, the company Dr. Hoenle, manufacturer of Idromed devices, offers just the original aluminium electrodes and does not allow electrodes of any other material. If you still want to do the therapy with stainless steel electrodes (or electrodes of any other material), you can buy them on this page but separately and in addition to the original aluminium electrodes. Please note that the additional stainless steel electrodes are from another manufacturer. The warranty of the manufacturer Dr. Hoenle does not cover the use of parts made out of other materials than the original ones of the Idromed devices.

Information about which electrodes to choose: If you do not suffer from any allergy against nickel or chrome, we suggest nevertheless to buy the stainless steel electrodes. Stainless steel does not need to be cleaned as often as the aluminium electrodes and the cleaning itself is a lot easier. Stainless steel is also more robust and resistant to dirt and scale than aluminium.

For those of you with sensitive skin (for example - children) and for those who want to use the device for hand and armpit sweating; we suggest you try using the Idromed 5 PC device, or the Hidrex Pulsed The Idromed 5 PC unit produces a pulsed direct current, reducing irritation and allows for a more comfortable treatment.

Click here to find out more

You may choose the material electrodes in the set come with. They are available in Aluminium and Stainless steel. We recommend to take the Stainless Steel upgrade for if the user has no nickle or chorme allergy. Stainless Steel contains this materials in a very low dosage, the aluminum electrodes not. The advantages of the Stainless Stell are: the easy cleaning procedure, and the much lower frequency it must be cleaned. The disadvantage is: they are more expensive. How much they cost more you can see, when choosing the Stainless Steel electrodes as a supplement.

Idromed Iontophoresis unit

The standard set includes: Iontophoresis device Idromed 5 DC (DC-Device) 230/240V version. 1 x Power supply with foot switch, 2 x stainless aluminium plate electrodes (nickel-free), 2 x electrode cables, 2 x distance grids. 1 x shock-proof suitcase; the 2 half’s of the suitcase also double as treatment tubs. One manual in English - other languages available too!

NO RISK! Each device has an 8 week trial.
...we offer a full 8 week guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the device, you may return the unit and get a full refund! (This warranty does not cover the arm pit electrode pads)

No doctor's prescription needed!

- Worldwide shipping is included in the price!
- An 8 weeks trial and money back guarantee
- Easy to use!
- No drugs!
- We ship in a neutral pack!
- Both the hands and feet can be treated at the same time!
- We offer a full 2 years warranty!
- Very few side effects!
- Can be used for medical practices and home therapy!
- Quick and very good therapy results!
- Priority Support over our forum

Iontophoresis Contraindications

Our direct current iontophoresis device against sweating, has the goal to stop sweat. More sitable for armpits, sweaty feet and handsweat is the pulsed version of the Idromed
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