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Are you looking for the Iontophoresis forum?

This page is to provide information regarding the use of the Forum, and on the access rights of guests and members.
It is located here:  Iontophoresis Forum

Your access rights as a visitor / member?
In the forum, all visitors are able to read posts within the public sections, however only registered members can post messages. Everybody is free to register and become a member. Remember, you’ll need to sign yourself in with a "username" (usually a nickname) and your e-mail address, although only the administrators of the Forum can see your email address. For the remaining users (members) and guests (visitors) you are anonymous, except for those with Administrator rights (those rights are issued only to employees). Your e-mail, we will not be given to third parties.About Private messages:
Visitors can not write, send or receive private messages. Members can send and receive private messages to and from each other; these will be saved into your personal account inbox (stored on the forum). These Private messages can only be viewed by you alone. Even the administrators have no access to these messages.
The private messaging system may, if you wish, send you an alert email informing you if you have received a private message, this option can be selected/deselected in your user profile.

The premium support:
Only customers who have purchased an Iontophoresis unit over will receive access to the Premium Support section of the forum, this area is reserved for customers only. You will be granted access to this area of the forum after making your purchase. You will also receive access to personal support and advice within the forum (with regards to Iontophoresis). If you did not purchase your Iontophoresis unit from our website, you can still gain access to this personal support section of the forum, however there will be a fee to gain access. In these cases, please contact:  To buy a iontophoresis-device:

Any questions concerning the iontophoresis therapy? Pls contact!
What awaits you in this closed Forum?
These Quests f.e. are answered and solved in the closed section (all tips given were x-ed out):
Problems asked - problems solved
Announcement: Introduction in Iontophoresis-Initial/Maintenance treatment
I hope you get the answers you're looking for. It is so good to be dry and I hope you get this feeling too. I will do anything to help you up, feel free to contact me whenever you have a question wich is not answered in the Premium Support (the search butonis a good instrument), i will answer and post it asap. So lets start.
Yours Markus

Please read the manual carefully.

You may read this (in addition to the manual) before asking questions.

After initial successful treatment and without further maintenance treatments, usually the sweating will start to reappear in about two weeks.
Initially the sweating will be only slight, but it will gradually return to pre-treatment levels, usually after about 3-4 weeks. Further treatments will, of course, keep the sweating at bay, but the frequency and intensity of treatments required to maintain dry skin is highly variable: a good friend of mine needs to use the device only once every six months at a setting of 5 mA (feet), another client needs to treat every day for half an hour at 24 mA to maintain the same treatment effects.

For the first therapy .....................................................................................I know from personal experience how good it feels to have warm, dry hands and/or feet after so many years of being cold and sweaty. It is really quite a liberating feeling to know that you are now free from the embarrassment and inconvenience of hyperhidrosis
Iontophoresis Forum Post<---Screenshot of this post.








Sticky: Additional Iontophoresis Therapy Info
Concerning the Iontophoresis Therapy
After initial successful treatment and without further maintenance treatments, usually sweat will start to reappear after about two weeks. Initially the sweating will be only slight, but it will gradually return to pre-treatment levels after about 3-4 weeks. Further treatments will of course keep the sweating at bay.

The frequency and intensity of treatments required excellent result.

Iontophoresis Forum example post<---Screenshot of this post.
















Sticky: Only limited success after 3 weeks like stated in the manual

Sticky: No success after 3 weeks treatment like stated in the manual

Dry as a bone?

Why not use vaseline?

Cracks of the skin - small injuries / blisters

Water level: How high shall i fill in the water in the trays

Sweating on back of hands or feet

Only certain areas are dry (hands and feet)

Machine is not working

!!! Do not take off the distance grids !!!

Is 3 x 20 mins treatment for the day eqivalent to 1 hour

PS vs GS Treatment Times

Can i treat hands and feet similar?

You cant achieve the max. possible 25 mA?

How often do I have to change the polarity?

Shall I use hot or cold water?
PC -Device: I've completed 4 sessions till now and everything looks fine, but I have a problem. After the second session an irritation has appeared, more pregnant on the right forearm (I used the + pole to the right hand) which can be described as a lot of tiny itching spots. The water wasn't in contact with the forearm. It was only in contact with the palm and the fingers. Also, I would like to present my current treatment situation...
I am using 1 - 1.2 l of water for my hands, how much I need to cover all the sweating regions and I avoid water reaching the spots in which I don't sweat at all (that's because in the first day I used 2-3 l of water and the contact between water and air on my skin was painful - being on the back of the hand). I am using 5-6 mA for hands and 10-12 mA for feet (for feet I use 1.8- 2l because I also sweat on the sides, in fact even more than in the soles).
If I set the current higher, it becomes painful and that's why I stopped at 5-6 mA for hands and 10-12 mA for feet. (for this amount of water)
I am using warm water, but you told me that this xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The treatment time is 15 min.
These are my treatment conditions. I want you to tell me:
1) If these conditions are, generally, good, because I know that this is individual.
2) Is it good to change polarity every 2 sessions? in the book says every 5th session or something like that ?
3) Also I want an advice regarding the annoying itching of the forearm skin in those many tiny irritated spots (I don't know how to call them in english )
4) And one more thing...the  creme you said about is this one? xxx
Because I want to buy it.
Many regards.
Water level
I have been treating my feet for the past couple of days at 16-24 ma depending on how much it hurts that day. I noticed that the lower the water level, the more it hurt so I increase it to covering most of the toes. Is that too much?
Pain (one of the longest Post)
Hyperhidrosis Forum long post<---Screenshot of this post

I've completed 12 hands and feet sessions with my new Idromed 5 PC.
There's about 2 cms of water in each tank.
The point where air and water meet at the top of my fingers is unpleasantly painful.
Is this pain normal?
I'm using 5 mA for my hands and about 10 mA for my feet.
Should I keep lowering the current below 5 mA for my hands?
I'm worried that if I lower the current any further the device will not be effective, and I presume the treatment must be longer.
--------- within this post these Question is answered
Well, I'm 10 sessions in on my new Idromed 5 GS and using it on my hands only. I've noticed something strange. For the first 8 sessions I had the negative polarity on my left hand and positive on my right since I read that the plus is stronger and I want my right hand dry more than anything right now.
The thing is, I noticed that It FELT like the negative was stronger (my left hand felt more sensation than my right) so I switched the polarities and after two session of having the plus on my left instead, there's now this unbearable pain located in a very tiny spot almost where my thumb meets my palm. I'm not sure if its coincidence since I just switched polarities or what...I'm trying to be as patient as possible with this treatment as I know I might not get results for another 10 sessions or so...but if this pain persists I don't know what I shall do. Any help would be appreciated (from Markus or anyone else who's experienced pain in one very specific tiny spot on the hand)
ps - the electrode plates are starting to get 'patina', it looks like corrosion or rust or areas of dark discoloration? should I clean them?

Lots of Questions answered by our experienced Support Team

Troubleshooting IDROMED 5 - Device doesnt work correct
Device doesnt start the therapy

I think the water is too soft for iontophoresis.

Separating two parts of the case (Idromed 5pc)

What is the minimum amount of water that you can put in each

Musnt the water cover my fingers entirely?

How to change the polarity

Troubleshooting IDROMED 4 - Device doesnt work correct

Device jumps from 2mA to 25mA : Armpits similar Palms Plants

The Electrodes in the manual aspect not the same in the set

Sponges homemade

Cleaning and Care / Spare parts

Device doesnt START stays at 0 mA / reaches not 25 mA max

Can I cover the plug with water?

The tubs are not deep enough to cover the upper feet

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