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Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis sufferers often state this:
Sweating - this body function can cause bad common problems when i am in public. Although i know this is a normal body function I am sweating much too much. Excessive sweating is a big problem for me and i want to get a relief from sweat.
If you have a Hyperhidrosis or simply sweat only in some public actions in certain areas, (Hyperhidrosis is often "only" located in small aread and is defined as a local or focal Hyperhidrosis) here is maybe the solution you want to find since you started to sweat. It is called Iontophoresis. This therapy is widely known as an effective, non-surgical treatment, is recommended by numberless clinics doctors and dermatologists.
Excessive sweating

Welcome to our online store! We provide the Iontophoresis devices from Idromed and Hidrex for the treatment of excessive sweating. Dont waste more time with low cost iontophoresis machines!

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Click: Most important Product Features and a list of our Services : Simultaneous treatment of hands and feet possible - no presciption needed - the hands can be taken out of the tubs during the iontophoresis therapy without the typical "electric fence effect" (electric shock) - trusted shops guarantee and much more...

Important, please read this before you buy!

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Hidrex ConnectION

Hidrex connectION

Iontophoresis set Hidrex connectION: adjustable pulse - DIRECT CURRENT AND PULSED CURRENT - adjustable via app!
Delivery time:
Available now
Buy Iontophoresis device

Idromed 5 PC

Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current)
Delivery time:
Available now


Hidrex classicION

Iontophoresis Device with Direct or Pulsed Current
Delivery time:
Available now
Buy Iontophoresis device

Idromed 5 DC

Iontophoresis Device DC (direct current)
Delivery time:
Available now

Buy Iontophoresis device

Hidrex PSP1000

Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current) offers also a direct current mode
Delivery time:
Available now
Armpits sweating stop it

Underarm Pads with electrodes for Hidrex

Supplement for the treatment of sweaty underarms
Delivery time:
Available now

Underarm Pads

Underarm Pads with electrodes for Idromed

Supplement for the treatment of sweaty underarms
Delivery time:
Available now

Hidrex connectION - 3 Instalments
Hidrex connectION - 6 Instalments
Iontophoresis device Instalments

Idromed 5 PC 3 instalments

Delivery time:
Available now

Iontophoresis machine hire purchase

Idromed 5 PC 6 instalments

Delivery time:
Available now


Iontophoresis is a powerful treatment option for excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) - An Iontophoresis device against hyperhidrosis: Iontophoresis, the standard therapy against excessive sweating that can reduce the sweat to natural levels. Sweating feet and hands, palms and soles plants can be treated successfully with iontophoresis.
Excessive sweating can´t be cured, but it can be treated with iontophoresis.

To choose an iontophoresis machine you can read more about the differences of lontophoresis machines There are immense differences between pulsating and direct current iontophoresis machines. In short, Pulsed current iontophoresis devices can enable you to use much higher treatment currents with less side effects and because of this, htey can significantly shorter the treatment times.

Hyperhidrosis - Learn more about iontophoresis as a treatment for excessive sweating. The Iontophoresis devices of the Idromed and Hidrex series prevent excessive sweating. Also available, a good machine that is not in conjunction with Hyperhidrosis, but maybe also useful for you: The Dermalight is used to treat Psoriasis.

Superfine: All devices come with an 8 weeks money back guarantee!

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