Iontophoresis can be a powerful solution for excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

Compare our Idromed and Hidrex series to other iontophoresis units available

Most important Features of our iontophoresis devices:

PULSED CURRENT AVAILABLE - since 2005 Hidrex and Idromed offer the option of a smooth pulsating iontophoresis direct current

  • Hidrex and Idromed are german made high quality iontophoresis devices with highest security - fitting CE and german / EU and other international medical needs
  • Hidrex and Idromed are medical and NOT cosmetic products (like others)
  • No electric fence effect!
  • Strongest currents with pulsating iontophoresis current line - because of this, short and smooth therapy sessions are possible
  • Hidrex and Idromed devices deliver a iontofactor of 1800 units at 2 kOhms, this is the highest possible factor allowed for a medical device for home usage, other devices are far away from this, even some cosmetic devices deliver only a Iontofactor2K of 100-200 for this point learn how to compare iontophoresis machines

Idromed: 72V @ 25mA @ 2kOhms=Iontofactor2K: 1800
Hidrex: 60V @ 30mA @ 2kOhms=Iontofactor2K: 1800

  • We sell reliable medical technology that is used every day all over the world by thousands of clinics and doctors
  • The hands can be taken out of the tubs during the iontophoresis therapy without the "electric fence effect" (electric shock)
  • Mains plugged power supply - no batteries necessary
  • Home alone usage even for hands alone treatment: The devices recognize the therapy start when placing e.g. the hands into the trays and regulate the current up to your wished setting
  • Simultaneous hands and feet treatment is possible thanks to the high Iontofactor2K - this saves a lot of time

Strong Currents: Our devices have an adjustable (Idromed from 0-25mA, Hidrex from 0-30mA) maximum output of 25 mA for the IDROMED series (in both pulsed and direct current modes) and up to 30 mA in direct current and mode for the Hidrex series and up to 30 ma in the pulsed mode. The Hidrex pulsed (pc) machine is switchable from direct to pulsed current, while the Idromed is not!
Altough the mA power of Hidrex is a bit higher than Idromed the Idromed delivers this at a higher voltage so this is equalized, both devices have a Iontofoactor2K of 1800 max (Idromed in pulsed Hidrex in direct mode) and a Iontofoactor2K of 1650 for Hidrex PSP1000 in pulsed mode

  • Steady state current in all treatment situations (which is not possible in battery power devices).
  • high currents for a longer time (which is not possible in small battery power devices)
  • real high currents at all (which is not possible in small battery power devices that only have 4 or 6 times 1,2 Volt batteries or rechargeable batteries inside).

To explain: To reach a Iontofactor-2K of 1800 you must have a minimum of 50! times a 1,2 Volt batteries and a size like C (Baby) or Mignon (AA). All have this: 1,2 Volt Batteries are simply too powerless and contain only a small current, so they are not able to reach this high factor because of this.
Normal, low cost, small NiCd AA- Akkus usually have a max. output or maximum current drain of 0,15C (the capacity in an hour) means: the battery can deliver these currents over a certain time (1 hours of treatment) wich would be 1800mA per Battery. If you take out more current, the battery simply overheats and it destroys itself after some time

Example for 4 AA batteries NiCd 1000mA

 max current drain:
 1000mA*4Batteries*0,15C(max current drain for NiCd)= 440mA@1,2Volt
 to reach 72 Volt of the Idromed the mA goes down reziprok
 we have the power of 440mA@1,2Volt, this we calcutalte to 72 Volt
 660mA/60 @ 1,2Volt x 60
 11 mA max @ 72 Volt for 4 batteries without the comsumption for the transformation and the supply for the device itself

 in this example, you have to have min 9 times the AA battery in a ionto device and for this you have a max current of 25 mA without the comsumption for the transformation and the supply for the device itself

 This would mean: To have an output out of 4 Ni-Cd AA batteries with 72V@25mA is impossible due to the max current drain limit is exceeded

 if you could have batteries that would fit this, you could only therapy 1,5 hours till the batteries are totally empty and then they would have to be reloaded.

 they would exceed before cause:
 the device needs power
 the transformation to 72 Volt needs power
 the batteries are only at the beginning really full

 The ones who say: then i'll take a 3200mA battery: the Voltage is the same and will not affect the maximum iontohoresis power - only the rechargeable cycle is longer, but: mostly a higher manufacturer information than 1000mA is simply fantasy.

  • Professional medical equipment used in clinics.
  • High level electronic safety features built into the device.
  • The tubs are 2" (5cm) deep.
  • The suitcase can be split to form the treatment tubs.
  • The electrodes are not built in the tubs.
  • Noiseless treatment.
  • The electrodes are big. Aluminium ones are 12,2"x6,7" (31,5x17cm) a bit bigger than the stainless steel ones. Large electrodes provide a good flow of current because they cover the whole feet and hands. These electrodes are stable and do not need to be replaced as frequently as when they are made out of other materials (f.e. Silicone).
  • Easy to use, can be used from eveyone without special medical examination.
  • No automatic polarity reverse - Why a automatic polarity switch is non-sense: Iontophoresis automatic polarity change
  • Last but not least they LOOK GOOD - ARE STABLE - DO NOT NEED CONSUMABLES, only some small parts like sponges should be replaced from time to time cause of hygiene reasons - DESIGNED TO WORK A LIFETIME
  • FDA / CE approval for Hidrex PSP1000 , CE approval for Idromed - NO PRESCRIPTION needed - but possible if you want to get something back from yur health plan

Features of our support:

  • personalized quick and experienced support
  • spare parts supply
  • quick response in case of device faults
  • enhanced warranty in some countries, pick up from your door service in any warranty case within the guarantee period (min 2 years) - in all other countries we debit back to you up to 40 EUR of the return shipping costs for each warranty case ALL other costs for the shipping back to you, work time, material, spare parts that are causes by warranty issues we take over
  • if you buy a device from us, you get free access to our closed forum section (if you want), inside of which is an e-book with numerous tips and hints to help you get the most out of your iontophoresis therapy

A good support system can be the key for "hit or miss" outcomes with iontophoresis.

 We go out of our way to offer you a fully satisfying shopping experience over the internet, and the best chance of success with iontophoresis.

Features of our shop:

 We offer a risk free purchase, even when made with credit cards.

  • 8 weeks money back guarantee.
  • 2 years full enhanced warranty, 4 years for our top model Idromed 5PC
  • full credit card account system (we do not use third party debitors) which makes transactions safer)
  • ssl-secured server with our own certificate for our domain
  • fast and insured shipping, with the shipping risk fully on our side. We ship by DHL air mail (worldwide) and DPD Classic Air fright (most EU countries).
  • delivery with tracking number
  • the trusted shops policy includes the atradius insurance for free of charge for you - 3rd party assurance we will do what we state on our pages
  • trusted shops certificate

If you buy cheap, you may have to buy twice.

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