Success rate of iontophoresis therapy device

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Success rate

Due to the fact that we believe we provide one of the best services over the internet - and our company owner ‘Markus’ is a user of these devices too, with over 10 years of experience in Iontophoresis therapy - we are proud to say:

We get almost every customer dry
(the success rate of our customers is approximately 98%)

How do we get this high success rate? Not only through the reliability of our excellent Idromed devices, but we provide you with our own personal experience and help you to choose the best device for your own condition. On our web page – "What is the best device for the best results?" - you will find advice for the perfect ‘personal’ therapy device to meet your needs. Whilst using an Idromed, if you have any problems that you are not sure about, feel free to contact us through our contact form or by phone 0049 7641 959376-0, you also can seek advice in our forum under

If you have no success after following the manuals instructions, then we are able to offer you tips that can provide you with the results you want to achieve. So here we have developed a routine of 5 steps to get you dry, these are:

1 - Important choice of the correct device for you (Direct or Pulsed Current Device)

2 - Follow the therapy routine stated in the manual. For most users the routine stated there will be more than adequate (approx 70% of users are dry within 5-21 days)

---> if you don´t experience success, then

3 - we scan the therapy and provide you with tips, hints and general advices for better results (approx. 90% of users are dry within further 10 days), in combination with the Priority Support in the forum or via e-mail

---> if you still don´t have success, then

4 - we optimize your personal therapy (approx. 95% of users are dry within further 15 days)

---> and if you then still don´t experience success, then

5 - we will try and find further recommendations for you, to achieve better results (approx 98% of users are dry within a further 15 days) via a Personal Support Trainee

If all of the above fail to achieve a satisfactory result, then there is always the 8 weeks money-back-guarantee to fall back on. If you really want to be dry, we will do our very best to get you dry! Remember, most of our customers are dry within 3 weeks!

Important: As long as you are within the money-back-guarantee period, you will always have the right to ship back your device and get the moeny refund!

If you want a risk free purchase when you choose your Iontophoresis machine, and if you want a treatment option which has proven success rates; then why not try us as your supplier for an excellent service and an excellent result. We offer some of the best devices in the world for Iontophoresis therapy!

Just have a look at what we offer:

- Good price
- Excellent service
- Support in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese
- A full 4 years warranty
- 8 weeks money-back-guarantee
- Great experience in Iontophoresis therapy
- A price that includes worldwide shipping
- All items almost always in stock
- Items usually sent out the very next day

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