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Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current) offers also a direct current ...
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Choice of iontophoresis device
Iontophoresis Units - how to choose the right one

Help and information in selecting right device is a key factor for the best success rates at remarkable low treatment times. Who wants to treat hours and hours a week with a limited success?

Selecting the right Iontophoresis device plays a major role in the success of the treatment of Hyperhidrosis.
With the right equipment everyone suffering from excessive sweating has a good chance of getting dry. We can help you in achieving your sweat-free goal, not just because of, but mainly based on the superior quality of the Iontophoresis machines that we sell, and also because of our outstanding and comprehensive after-sales service – available at no extra cost.
It is a fact that iontophoresis is a powerful  and effective treatment for controlling excessive sweating. It is used extensively in clinics and by Dermatologists. Iontophoresis is a proven sweat reduction therapy. So, why don’t all Iontophoresis users experience 100% success?

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We believe that the answer lies not only in the device, but also equally important is the way that the Iontophoresis treatment is administered. Not all Hyperhidrosis suffers react to the treatment in the same way, so that treating strictly according to what is stated in the ( usually short ) user manual means, that not everyone can experience 100% sweat free success or that usually the therapy schedule won’tb e optimized to  the individuals’ needs.

With over 15 years experience in iontophoresis treatment, we have a wealth of knowledge and we know the problems and frustrations that iontophoresis users can experience.

We believe our excellent after sales support and service will be the key to your success when treating with our devices. When you buy an iontophoresis machine from us, you can register for prioirity support in our online user forum giving you immediate access to an experienced support team to help you with all treatment and device queries, also you have access to tons of information regarding Iontophoresis and to the tips from other users.

This high level of support has allowed us to achieve success rates of up to 98% for our customers. This success rate is regardless of whether you suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, on the hands or on the feet.

And if we can’t help you to reach your sweat free goals within eight weeks - the device comes with a money back guarantee so you can return it to us for a full refund. The purchase is risk free. We want you to achieve that goal of having warm and dry hands/feet/armpits rather than feeling cold and wet.

Iontophoresis Device Selection

There are two types of treatment streams: pulsed current (PC) and direct current (DC). It’s important to understand the difference between them.

For a given current DC devices provide an increased treatment success over PC. One could easily conclude that DC is the better option. However where pulsed wins out over direct current is, that at a given ampage (because of the differences in how the current flows) PC treatment is significantly easier for the user to tolerate. Therefore the user can tolerate much higher ampage settings with PC than with DC.

The higher the level of current, the greater the level of success that can be achieved with less sessions per week.

Not every Pulsed current is comparable - there are many imitations on the market that state to have the same pulse feeling than Hidrex or Idromed - do you belive this too?

Treatment success depends on the maximum adjustable current.

The Idromed PC and DC devices have a maximum current of 25 mA. However a DC device at a setting of 5 mA corresponds roughly to sensations that a PC user experiences at 25 mA (i.e. the maximum setting). If for example when treating with a DC device a user can handle 3 mA before the treatment becomes unpleasant, but he needs at least 10 mA to achieve sweat free results, he will never achieve success with the iontophoresis device. The sensation felt by a PC device at 15 mA is aproximately equivalent to a DC device at 3 mA. Not being able to tolerate the necessary current levels is one of the main reasons for failure of iontophoresis treatments.

Limits stated in the manual should not be exceeded (max. mA for the feet, max. 15 mA for the hands and max. 5 mA for the armpits). These max. values are usually not achieveable with DC iontophoresis devices but are commonly achieveable with a PC device. For the armpits if you have a PC device you can set the iontophoressis device to 5 mA and this will likely be enough for success as the skin at the armpits is very thin and a high current is not required to achive sweat reduction. With DC devices users treating armpits can often tolerate only 1mA, and therefore don’t experience success. For hands and feet PC is much more pleasant and skin irritations occur less frequently.

We recommend that customers should always select a PC (pulsed current) device.

We only offer devices with adjustable current settings, running from the main power supply and without requiring an assistantto administer treatment. Our devices allow for simultaneous treatment of hands and feet. And users will not suffer electric shocks when removing hand/feet/armpits at the end of the treatment period.

The following table compares four iontophoresis devices for ease of treatment in different body areas

Sweating on


 Idromed 5 PCIdromed 5 DCHidrex PSP1000 Hidrex GS400
Hands, feet and armpits**************
Hands and feet 
with simultaneous treatment
Hands and feet 
with separate treatment
Feet and armpits************
Hands and armpits************

***** = Excellent
****   = Very Good
***     = Good
**       = Functions with limitations
*         = Not recommended


Feature table



 Idromed 5 PCIdromed 5 DCHidrex PSP1000 Hidrex GS400
PC (adjustable up to mA)25 mA at 72 Volt-30 mA at 60 Volt-
DC (adjustable up to mA)-25 mA at 72 Volt30 mA at 60 Volt30 mA at 60 Volt
Power supply240 V240 V110-240 V110-240 V
Treatment time15 min. preset15 min. preset1-59 min.
individually adjustable
1-59 min.
individually adjustable
Adjustable current0-max
 60 - steps
 60 - steps
Overtherapy recognition--XX
Sense function--XX
Home usage (without assistance)XXXX
Electric shockNoNoNoNo
Cable size4mm4mm4mm4mm
Spare parts (armpits)Pads PadsPadsPads
Guarantee4 years2 years2 years2 years


The simple rule Iontophoresis success follows is:

higher current - faster success - fewer sessions - more effective therapy
However if you are certain that you want a DC iontophoresis machine and you want a simple running device with a maximum current output of 25 mA then we can recommend the Idromed 5 DC. If you want a more powerful DC device with up to 35 mA output and the ability to adjust treatments times then we can recommend the Hidrex DC400.
Trial Service:
If you are still unsure which machine is right for you it may help to know that if you buy the Idromed 5 PC and you find that the effect of the PC current is too weak to successfully treat your sweating we offer you the opportunity to exchange it for a DC device, reimbursing you the difference in the cost of the devices and postage.
PC devices have clear advantages over DC:
1 – significantly less skin irritation2 – treatment at high currents is hardly comfortable and pain free3 – higher currenets mean a shorter treatment time and / or longer breaks between treatments.Although PC devices are at the outset more expensive remember that iontophoresis is a lifelong therapy and the cost on a per-treatment basis is minimal. The device you choose will become an important and well-liked friend so you need a reliable machine to provide you with the best service. The maintenance therapy is usually lifelong. While you may eventually have durations without treatments of up to four weeks before the sweat begins again (extended leave) you will need to continue using the machine on an on-going basis.
Pulsed and direct current Iontophoresis machines: Learn more about the treatment feeling and the difference between them in our Forum!
Any questions? Please contact

Differences Between the Idromed and Hidrex Models
Buy iontophoresis now!Iontophoresis: Pulsed Current (PC) Models
The Idromed 5 PC and the Hidrex PSP 1000 both offer Pulsed Current treatment. The Idromed machine has a maximum current output of 25 mA and the Hidrex up to 30 mA. For PC treatment of the feet or hands and feet simultaneously we recommend the Idromed 5 PC because of the higher maximum current output of 25 mA. Hidrex PSP 1000 is a switchable device i.e. you may choose to treat using Direct Current (DC) up to 30 mA or using PC but only up to a limit of 30 mA.
The Idromed 5 PC has a four year guarantee and all other iontophoresis devices (Hidrex and Idromed direct current) have a two year guarantee.
If one of our devices fails in times of guarantee: For our customers in European countries this guarantee means that if the device fails in normal operation it will be collected from you, promptly repaired and returned to you at no extra cost. For our customers living outside of European countries we will cover the cost of shipping the faulty device back to us up to a value of 40 Euros. Shipping costs of up to 40 Euros will be reimbursed to you. The device will be promptly repaired and returned to you again at no extra cost.
For treatment of hands only or armpits the Hidrex iontophoresis devices are also viable options alongside the Idromed machines and Hidrex machines can offer the following advantages:

  • The ability to switch between PC (30 mA) and DC (30 mA) with the Hidrex PSP1000 machine
  • A wide range mains plug that is suitable for 110 and 240 Volt areas (both Hidrex and Idromed)
  • The ability to set treatment time parameters between 1 – 59 minutes (Idromed devices have a fixed 15 minute treatment time)
  • Automatic storage of the treatment parameters from the latest treatment session in the devices’ memory so that next time the machine is switched on the previous sessions’s treatment paramaters are already programmed
  • Automatic detection of over treatment to prevent dry and cracked skin

More detailed info under "my personal best iontophoresis unit"
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Iontophoresis: How to decide wich manufactorer or model to choose
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A Tap water Iontophoresis set can be used to treat excessive sweating

Tap water Iontophoresis: A Tap water iontophoresis devices to treat sweating at value price: Do you suffer from hyperhidrosis? Tap water Iontophoresis could help you up with your hyperhidrosis problem.
Order a pulsed current tap water iontophoresis device, buy at value prices from the specialist! An overview of all our iontophoresis machines including scores for effectiveness in treatment of different body areas and a Features Matrix can be found here.

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