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Iontophoresis Therapy

After initial successful treatment and without further maintenance treatments, usually sweat will start to reappear after about two weeks. Initially the sweating will be only slight, but it will gradually return to pre-treatment levels after about 3-4 weeks. Further treatments will of course keep the sweating at bay.

The frequency and intensity of treatments required to maintain dry skin is highly variable: One of our customers only needs to use the device once every six months at a setting of 5 mA - whilst another customer needs a treatment every day for half an hour at 25 mA in order to maintain a comfortable level of dryness.

Our devices have the output of real 25 mA. They have the highest settings currently available on the market; most other Iontophoresis devices can only handle 2-10 mA.

After the sweating stops, you will need to determine for yourself, by trial and error, how often and at what current intensity you need to treat in order to remain dry.

Please note that we cannot tell you how long it will take in your case for the sweating to stop, Iontophoresis therapy is very individual, so this is impossible for us to know.

Iontophoresis therapy will not cause sweating to stop immediately; it is a gradual process which usually takes 10 to 15 treatments. Our customers find that after a certain amount of treatments, all of a sudden their sweating has completely stopped. The first set of treatments must be devotedly maintained; otherwise it is unlikely that the sweating will cease.

When the first sets of treatment begin, most people will notice no reduction in the amount they sweat. In fact, some people may even sweat more. You need to resolutely continue the initial treatments everyday for 10-20 minutes until your treated area finally remains dry. Patience is key to Iontophoresis; it can often take up to three weeks of treatments before results are eventually achieved.

However, if for some reason you do not achieve a satisfactory result, you can return the machine and obtain a refund paid directly into your credit card account. We are confident though, that you will obtain the results you are looking for, if you persevere.

Some very fortunate customers achieve success after one treatment but others need to undertake a full 8 week course. If you are struggling with your treatments and need help, then we will be ready to help you. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you want to ask – or visit our forum where other customers can give you their advice for the best therapy results.

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Our success rates are really high. Want to know why? Click here.

Patience and perseverance can make all the difference for a successfully Iontophoresis therapy. After holding it out for a a few days up to a few weeks of daily treatment, many of our customers now know how good it feels to have warm, dry hands and feet - after so many years of being cold and sweaty.

With the Idromed 5 and The Hidrex PSP it really can be quite a liberating feeling to know that you are free from the embarrassment and inconvenience of Hyperhidrosis.


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