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Money back

Money back guarantee!!!
If you are not satisfied with your purchase a full refund is available for the Idromed unit, the power supply and the step-up converters!  
This warranty does not cover the shipping expenses of 70€ (see here) and supplements/accessories like armpit electrode pads, any upgrades like Stainless Steel option, Face Masks and express delivery costs

Additional to the legal Right of Cancellation we give the 8 weeks of money-back-warranty for Iontophoresis devices bought through us and which you are using as the actual owner.

Untouched by the money back warranty (also and straight regarding spare parts and accessories) is your legal Right of Cancellation.

Some other stores where you may buy Iontophoresis devices do not even allow to unpack the device (e.g. sealed packing ) or even to try it out, without risking the cancelation of refusing the goods, or even having a reduction of the amount debited back. This is a financial risk for you, 'cause no one knows if the therapy will work proper for themself.

We make the difference: The device can be tried out for eight full weeks without restrictions. In this time you can set up the equipment like a legal owner - and use it as many times as you want - and return it without any questions asked.

The period of this money-back-warranty begins when you recieve the device and this guarantee in text form.

Within this periode you can make use of your money-back-warranty in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or simply by returning the goods to:

iontophoresis contact

We take over costs by degradation of the commodity by their intended use. Costs of degradation through loss, fall, rough treatment (scratch, plastic break) of the Iontophoresis devices, power supplies and step-up transformers or units itselfs are brought with the return transfer in departure. (Reference: If you treat the devices and power pack very carefully - avoiding scratches - we debit the full money back for the unit, the power supply and the stepup transformer). For the return transfer please allow us an appropriate operating time area of 30 days maximum after return or arrival of the goods (here Iontophoreis device, power supply and stepup transformer) in our house, on your bank and/or PayPal or credit card account. Please frank the package sufficiently, in order to avoid extra postage. By the money back warranty untouched, (also and straight regarding spare parts and accessories) your legal Right of Cancellation remains natural.

Purchasing an Iontophoresis unit over is risk free! Try it or leave it! 

Untouched by the money back warranty (also and straight regarding spare parts and accessories) is your legal Right of Cancellation.

Note our additional 3rd party money back insurance assuring you that your money is returned as agreed - free of charge for you!

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