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How much is 1 EUR?

1 EUR is approx 1.1 USD or 0.7 GBP
How to calculate the price?
USD: 10% more
Pound: 30% less
Note: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these rates!
ou have a actual course, please use a currency convertor!


What to do if a device is broken or has a malfunction?
First: Our devices are designed to last a lifetime. They are built to be used by dermatologists and clinics many times a day, made for reliable professional use.
The devices have a full 2 years or 4 year guarantee: Within your guarantee period if your device needs to be repaired, for whatever reason, simply contact us. For a number of countries we offer a ‘pick up at your door’ service, or you can simply send the device directly to us.
Most devices are repaired within 1-2 business days and immediately sent back, no fees for extra parts, working-time, return shipping or handling are charged. If you choose to mail your damaged machine to us, then we will pay the standard shipping fee for your local post office -up to 40 EUR-. Please keep hold of the shipping bill and mail or fax it to us, so we can clear the amount.
If you have passed the guarantee the same procedure will be used. However you will be required to pay for the material, working time, shipping and handling. But don’t worry too much about the costs, we offer a fast and price-worthy service.
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