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Hidrex connectION

Iontophoresis set Hidrex connectION: adjustable pulse - DIRECT CURRENT AND PULSED CURRENT - adjustable via app!

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Hidrex ConnectION - the new pulsed current device - adjustable via app!

One of our best devices. The app offers various new possibilities and deeper glimpses into the nature of the iontophoresis treatment. The Hidrex ConnectION is a revolution rather than  simple evolution: it opens entirely new ways of optimising your therapy.


Adjust the pulse width easily! Just as its predecessor, this new machine allows an innovative adjustment of the pulse intensity! This function goes hand in hand with an improved usability. For example, the number of the controls has been reduced to 2. The app and the navigation via smartphone shed light on certain aspects of the treatment that were not identifiable to the user with the older PSP model. All settings are visible at first glance. The app and the therapy are easily navigable and adjustable even to an "amateur" dabbling in iontophoresis for the first time. And should any questions or problems arise: We're always there for you!


Innovative: The current (in volt or mA), the energy in mJ, the remaining session time, the pulse width. The app even allows you to find out your body resistance, which can offer clues as to how you might optimise the treatment further and make the device even more efficient.


The goal: to reach an excellent result in as little time as possible. An individually adjusted therapy leads to better, faster and more efficient results.


Optimal therapy settings improve the efficiency of the pulsed current, which can now finally be used for a treatment of the feet or outstandingly serious cases of hyperhidrosis. At the same time, the advantage of the pulsed current (the patient's comfort during the session) is not compromised even when turning up the pulse width all the way to 90%.


New opportunities

The traditional pulsed current has a pulse width of 50%. This means that the pauses between the pulses are exactly the same length as the pulse itself. Once the percentage of the pulse width rises, so does the length of the pulse, whereas the pauses in between grow shorter.

Due to those shorter pauses, the treatment offers much more energy (80%) than during the standardised pulsed current. Logically, a pulse width of 100% (no pauses) applies during the classical direct current.


Due to its variable pulse width, the Hidrex connectION enables an individual, seamless adjustment between sensitive pulsed current and efficient direct current.



 pulse-width-steps-for-pulsed-current-hidrex-psp1000.jpg pulsed-current-and-direct-current-with-the-psp1000.jpg





Buy your iontophoresis device via instalment payment! 

The standard set includes: 


- Iontophoresis device Hidrex connectION

- Mains plug

- Case (can be separated into two treatment tubs)

- Aluminium electrodes (stainless steel electrodes available for extra charge)

- Cables

- Protection towels

- User manual


Choosing the right electrodes

Aluminium: If you are allergic to nickel or chrome, we recommend these electrodes consisting of light metal.

Stainless steel: In all other cases, we advise you to use the stainless steel electrodes, since they are much easier to clean (the cleaning is faster and does not have to be conducted as often). The surface of the stainless steel electrodes is smoother and harder than the aluminium electrodes, which makes them more resistant to dirt and lime scale. Additionally, there's a lower chance of sustaining scratches or discolourations.  

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