Hyperhidrosis /Severe Sweating is when someone sweats much too much

Sweating = normal / Hyperhidrosis or severe sweating = not. The treatment Iontophoresis might be a good solution to get rid of   your severe sweating problem. You are searching for help, having a extreme severe sweating problem? You should have interest  in iontophoresis. You may learn more in our forums and on the other pages. Sad, but true: We cannot help everyone. But we promise to try everything to minimize the risk of a failed iontophoresis sweating therapy treatment. If you are not confident with the treatment, we will debit your moneyback for our iontophoresis units.

We always try to answer your questions via privat messages in our internal support forums immediat.
Here is a choice of some questions coming from customers, showing that many problems can occur when doing Iontophoresis treatments, maybe they contain  information that is useful:
Should I press firmly my palms on the plastic barrier or I can relax my palms as long as they are under water? Pressing firmly make my hands tired quickly...
I have a question regarding the Idromed 5 pc.
I have been using the device for almost 2 weeks.
I instantly got results(within the first 2 days), but now my feet are all day very wet and i cannot get them dry anymore.
Did i do something wrong ? i am using the device 3 times a day at 22MA for my feet.
--                                                                                      Anxiety sweating
Buy iontophoresis now!Lately I've been using aluminum chloride to integrate ionophoresis. I apply aluminum chloride twice a week at night, then I carefully wash my hands in the morning such that it should not be delivered by ionophoresis.
Do you believe it could still be risky and no aluminum chloride should be using when you're doing ionophoresis?
I don't know if it was clear from my previous post, but I'm not adding aluminum chloride to the water I use for ionophoresis. I perform the treatment separately and at different times.
As I wrote you some time ago, the effect of the ionophoresis had decreased recently, so I thought I would have a go with Al-chloride.
Has anyone developed a cough since using Idromed? I dunno why every time i lift my palms up from the water ill feel a sudden urge to cough, it's a little weird and it feels like my throat's been scratchy. I'm using 18amps for my hands
I have a question about switching polarity after 10 mins of treatment, do i have to turn the knob to 0 mH and turn off the device before i switch the cables? Or can I do that while the device is turned on?

Right now, i turn it off before switching, just to be safe
So what do i need to know like What mA to start for my 1st treatment for hands and feet?

and btw i saw the water level it says 0.5-1cm, but i have sweating at the side of my hand, Not the top but bottom and side,which interferes when i am writing. So should i just put 1 CM?
hyperhidrosis sufferer
First of all, I am the boy from Romania who ordered 2 weeks ago an Idromed 5 DC.
I've completed 4 sessions till now and everything looks fine, but I have a problem. After the second session an irritation has appeared, more pregnant on the right forearm (I used the + pole to the right hand) which can be described as a lot of tiny itching spots. The water wasn't in contact with the forearm. It was only in contact with the palm and the fingers. Also, I would like to present my current treatment situation...
I am using 1 - 1.2 l of water for my hands, how much I need to cover all the sweating regions and I avoid water reaching the spots in which I don't sweat at all (that's because in the first day I used 2-3 l of water and the contact between water and air on my skin was painful - being on the back of the hand). I am using 5-6 mA for hands and 10-12 mA for feet (for feet I use 1.8- 2l because I also sweat on the sides, in fact even more than in the soles).
If I set the current higher, it becomes painful and that's why I stopped at 5-6 mA for hands and 10-12 mA for feet. (for this amount of water)
I am using warm water, but you told me that this doesn't matter. The treatment time is 15 min.
These are my treatment conditions. I want you to tell me:
1) If these conditions are, generally, good, because I know that this is individual.
2) Is it good to change polarity every 2 sessions? in the book says every 5th session or something like that
3) Also I want an advice regarding the annoying itching of the forearm skin in those many tiny irritated spots (I don't know how to call them in english
Greetings. I will show an overview of my treatment.
I have already made 16 sessions of 15 min by now (one session daily) and I noticed xx of my hyperhidrosis symptoms.

You were right when you said that the skin will get used to the current so you can go higher and higher. I gradually increased the current because my skin became more and more resistant to the current and in the last 2 treatment sessions I reached 12 mA for hands and 18 mA for feet.

As for the water level, I use the same:
xxx sweating spots for the hands
for the feet I use more water because I also sweat on the sides, in fact even more than in the soles.
I also mention that I switch polarity every 2 sessions.

I noticed that the current is stronger if I keep my hands or foot floating a bit (a few mm between the skin and the grids) and the strongest level is a little beneath the contact between water and air.

Now, the XXX of the symptoms are present especially at hands, and started appearing after the 10-11th session.
Starting from the 11th session, I noticed that it got better and better 
Let's say that at a certain emotion, XXX iontophoresis, in 5-10 sec my hands were very wet. XXX (if I look closer I notice that a lot of tiny water drops appear), and If the emotion persists, I get my hands very wet XXX the sweat comes out XXX same amount of time.
1) I want you to tell me if this improvement is normal or not.

XXX relief in palm sweating?

I also saw on the forum that you said "In case of a success, all of a sudden you'll find that the sweating has, seemingly miraculously, completely stopped."

3) So, after a certain session, will I notice that even in stressful situations, I won't sweat at all? It looks indeed miraculously 
And if so, does this happen starting from the same day after the session or starting from the next day?

After having XXX with my palms, I was now planning to start treating my feet.
I was wondering if it may help adding some foot bath salts to the water. I walk a lot and using the salts for normal foot bath helped me relieving the pain. Is there any possible problem in using them with the device?

I've completed 12 hands and feet sessions with my new Iontophoresis machine Idromed 5 PC.
There's about 2 cms of water in each tank.
The point where air and water meet at the top of my fingers is unpleasantly painful.
Is this pain normal?
I'm using 5 mA for my hands and about 10 mA for my feet.
Should I keep lowering the current below 5 mA for my hands?
I'm worried that if I lower the current any further the device will not be effective, and I presume the treatment must be longer.

I'm on my 6th treatment and I usually go to about 45 volts for feet and 35 for hands. The last time I tried to do a treatment the machine would only go up to 28 volts. Does anyone know what is wrong?

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