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Big Silicone Electrodes

Flexible silicone electrodes for special needs

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Special Electrode Cables:
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Big Silicone Electrodes

For Idromed and Hidrex devices you also need a special cable, which you can choose over "option" to fit the 2 mm banana plug of the silicone electrodes.
Size is 135*5100 mm , the electrodes come in thin sponges and can be cuted with a normal scissor.
Price is for a pair - safe when ordering batches.
The Idromed and Hidrex cables do not fit the silicone electrodes!
The plug of the special cables for silicone electrodes is a 2 mm Banana plug. Idromed and Hidrex use a 4 mm shielded banana plug with the same connector (male plug) at the Iontophoresis unit. Idromed uses a female (socket) and Hidrex a male (plug) for the standard aluminium or stainless steel electrodes to fit the electrode side. Also the cable is 4 times thicker, so you must face that the cables for the silicone electrodes only last a certain time. They are not designed to last a lifetime, due to the material and the connection to the banana plug. Maybe it is a good idea to order several to have a spare security!
Cable thickness iontophoresis units
Left picture states standard cables for Hidrex, the right picture shows how the special cable for the silicone electrodes looks like.
Size of the big yellow pads:
In cm: Lenght 19 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 0,7 cm
In inch: Lenght 7,5 in x Width 5,1 in x Height 0,2 in

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