The Iontophoresis Machines from Hidrex

Hidrex is one of Germany’s most well-known biomedical companies and they have developed many iontophoresis machines over the years.

First, there was the Hidrex GS400 or DC400, which were direct current machines that proved to be very effective in treating hyperhidrosis. Then, there was the Hidrex PS500, which brought with it a new 50% “Pulsed Current” feature which allowed higher levels of treatments with less pain due to the current being delivered only 50% of the time. Now, there is the newly developed Hidrex PSP1000 that builds on the features of the previous PS500 and allows the pulsed current settings to be adjusted in 10% increments between 50% and 90% in order to more comfortably treat areas such as the neck, face, back, and underarms.

Buy iontophoresis now!The Hidrex PSP 1000 was presented to public in 2011 at the fair of the British Association of Dermatologists ‘BAD’ in London, where 2 of our employees, Ana and Julia, together with our local British partner, Scott Duffy, presented them to large an audience of highly interested doctors and dermatologists. Also, Hidrex presented the PSP1000 themselves at one of the biggest professional medical shows in Germany, the Medica in Düsseldorf.

The quality of this device has been proven many times in many clinics and home use iontophoresis as well. We can honestly state that the Hidrex brand is reliable, stable, and professional. The devices simply work and do their job. We strongly recommend hyperhidrosis sufferers to try the Hidrex PSP1000 and benefit from the adjustable Pulsating Direct Current technology instead of having to deal with the unpleasant use of Direct Current. With the new abilities of the Hidrex PSP1000, you can now adjust the pulsed current settings to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum or no discomfort.

Hidrex only makes professional, quality products and their machines are built to last. The included electrodes can be used to treat hands and feet and optional underarm electrodes are available as well. The only consumables that need to be replaced from time to time are the towels, underarm pads, facial mask, and neck or back applicator whenever they start to wear. Hidrex´ iontophoresis units are devices that you can rely on to treat hyperhidrosis and prevent severe sweating. However, there is no cure for hyperhidrosis at the moment and iontophoresis will NOT cure you. Periodic treatments are necessary in order to maintain the desired results and, once a user stops performing maintenance treatments, the sweating will either gradually or suddenly return to pretreatment conditions. Excessive sweating treatment Hidrex -->

Operating a Hidrex DeviceIontophoresis with Hidrex

How to Operate a Hidrex device.

At first sight, a professional iontophoresis device might seem like a complicated machine to use but, it truly isn’t and you do not need to be a doctor or genius to operate one. Once you read through the manual and have it set up, you will see that it is quite easy and logical to use. 

First, there is an automatic checkup routine and you will see the word “SET” be displayed on the device for 8 seconds. During that time, you can select your desired treatment area with a push of a button and adjust it to your desired pulse width with another button. After making your selection, you can adjust the time and current intensity for your treatment. Once, the treatment is over, your settings will be saved to memory for that specific treatment area. 

When compared to the Idromed, these factors make performing multiple adjustments easier, since the Idromed uses only one knob to make every adjustment. Hidrex’s interface and state of the art technology makes treating focal hyperhidrosis much easier. 
Iontophoresis Therapy with a Hidrex Device:
The iontophoresis therapy varies greatly, but in general there is an initial phase of 10-15 treatments which is needed to see results (if there is one). Also, the treatment strength varies from 1-60 V and no one can say upfront how much current you need or how long each treatment needs to be. This must be figured out through trial.

Recommended routine for sweating on hands / feet: 

First: read through the manual! This only describes how to proceed AFTER you read the manual.

- Place the trays on the desk or floor (for simultaneous iontophoresis treatment of sweaty hands and feet, you can separate the trays from each other and put one to the floor whilst the other is used to treat your hands on a desk or table, or simply on the top of a drawer). Now the electrodes have to be placed in the trays and you have to lay a distance grid or a towel over it to avoid unwanted and / or dangerous contact with the skin and the metal electrodes. 

- Remember, the Hidrex systems can deliver an adjustable strong current so, when you set it at full or half power for example (differs from user to user) and don’t use the distance grids or towels over the electrodes, you can get fast or immediate burns of the skin without having a quick response from the sensory pain receptors because of the powerful current. If a burn does occur, it will mostly be in the areas that had direct contact with the electrodes. 

- There is a lot of current that runs through the electrodes and, even though it is limited by a safety circuit, the burn can happen so fast that the response time is not fast enough. When this happens, you may experience an itchy pain because the skin is burnt. Since the water-filled trays will cool down the burn as it occurs, please pay careful attention to your skin. You may not notice it since the pain is being suppressed. You should over place something over the electrodes during treatment to avoid being burnt. If you use the included towels or distance grids, you will not have to worry about burns and can just focus on doing iontophoresis right! 

- Now connect the electrodes to the unit, switch on the device, and wait for the device to do a security checkup with several measurements. After 8 seconds you can set up the device. If you already have your hands or feet in the trays, the security checkup does not end and the DIVE LED will stay lit. For this reason, do not close the current circle by already having your hands or feet in both trays, since will stop the checkup measurements.

- After this you can setup your desired current and you should begin slow at the LOW end with 2 or 3 volts.
Differences in the Hidrex devices
The newest device, the Hidrex PSP1000 will have features from the PS500 and GS400 built into it (and the PS500 will have features from the GS400 built in) but, there are some differences between them.

The GS400 is the most basic and offers a manual mode with presets. Once you set up the time and current, it will be saved in the memory bank and the device remembers it the next time you use it.

The PS500 is the same, but you can use direct current (at 100%), pulsed current (at 50% rate) and Sense mode. You may switch through 3 different therapy setups with presets that can be changed to your personal needs.

The PSP1000 has no sensitive mode. It is not needed anymore because you can already set up the pulse rates from 50 to 90 in 10% steps to adjust the intensity. You can switch from Voltage to mA settings, although we think it is better to stay in volts. If you request help in the forums regarding mA, we will suggest to stick with monitoring the voltage instead (this is how traditional machines monitor current).

- After everything is set up, then you can close the current circle by placing the hands or feet (or both) in the trays.

- The iontophoresis unit will slowly increase the voltage until the desired settings and the desired treatment time will start and eventually decrease to zero. At the end of the therapy, you will see the word “End” on the display and the current will also decrease to zero.

- During the therapy, you should change the current to the point where you start to have a slight tingling feeling to have an effective treatment. This is also the maximum your skin allows before damage can occur.
If you have any skin irritations, you have to take a break from iontophoresis treatments until the skin is ok. You may also cover these spots with petroleum jelly and that may allow further treatments to be done.
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Factors to compare iontophoresis units

The Hidrex in detail
Hidrex PSP in detail

The standard sets of the Hidrex devices includes:

- one iontophoresis unit
- one main power supply
- one pair of aluminum electrodes (you can choose stainless steel ones, as an upgrade)
- one pair of towels
- one pair of cables
- one carrying case
- one manual in english language
The carrying case can be divided if users choose to use the carrying case for treatment tubs. Fill the case with tap water and the device can now be connected to the main power supply
With a press of a switch and after the setup, the device is ready for use.

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