Sweating is normal. We sweat from the skin to take away heat from our body and so sweating is essential for the body to regulate temperature. The sweat evaporates, and this cools down our skin. We sweat about half a litre within 24 hours. Some people sweat more than half a litre even in cool climates, this is known as Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating.
When we sweat too much (even when we are not physically active) the affected part of the body (for example the palms) will be persistently wet. After evaporation occurs the palms will cool down, causing the hands to turn cold and damp. Excessive foot perspiration can cause further uncomfortable problems; the feet can often feel as though they are submerged in a puddle of water – allowing bacteria and Athletes Foot to develop, along with foot odour.Treating Hyperhidrosis is easier than you would imagine. Iontophoresis using the Idromed 5 or a Hidrex PSP 1000 is a modern alternative treatment which has so far proven successful in an estimated 98% of cases. Once dryness has been achieved using Iontophoresis, a top-up treatment will be required on a weekly basis, this usually only takes about 15 minutes.

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Sweating - Why we sweat?
If we sweat too much the question of "why do I sweat so much" automatically comes to mind. When looking at the process of sweating, it should be noted that the sweating is a very important physiologically process. Perspiration is technically/professionally called diaphoresis. The human body has from its birth 2-4 million sweat glands, whose principal role is to cool the body if a person is forced by internal or external influences of heat.

Sweating is primarily the first effective mechanism to combat excess heat that the body produces from various activities. Through the evaporating stage, cooling of the skin is achieved. This sweating principle holds our body's operating conditions to a constant temperature.

The opposite of sweating would be freezing. If the body temperature is balanced, we feel comfortable in our skin. The body must neither freeze nor sweat. This balance is what our body tries to produce. The sweating also serves as a carrier for pheromones and body odors. In part, this is also important for interpersonal relations. Nevertheless, each man also transpires sweat in peace. This continuous sweating is responsible to keep the skin smooth. If this balance is disrupted in the negative, one has the effect of dry, brittle or chapped skin. The opposite is you sweat too much.
For example, sweaty hands will cause the skin to feel damp and cold. Extremes, strong, and prolonging sweating is called hyperhidrosis.

The sweating and the sweat is not just the regulation of body heat importance, it also determine and often even unconsciously our action and our perception. Smelly sweat or Bromhidrosis contains certain bacterium that lead to an acrid odor. The armpits are usually the root of the problem. Unfortunately, a strong odor is usually viewed from others as a lack of hygiene. Those affected can usually do nothing to the contrary, so most of these unfortunates people wash themselves x amount times a day or use deodorant. A reduction of sweat has often led to the elimination of
perspiration that will solve the problem entirely.

Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating

When people suffer from hyperhidrosis then they often do not know that there are fairly easy ways to prevent excessive sweating approach. Sweating on the hands, feet or in the armpit area can be treated with a Tap water iontophoresis. Almost everyone has friends, business associates or friends who has hyperhidrosis and suffers from heavy sweating. Refer your friends with Hyperhidrosis to these pages and they will surely be grateful.

What can help against sweating?

What can help against sweating? Opportunities and tips on how to act against sweating on the Internet are very much to find. Often tips and home remedies are ineffective such as: wash your feet, which will still Stink and sweat will quickly ensue. Unfortunately, most home remedies are not useful, only bring short term relief, or simply does not work.

What are the reasons for excessive sweating?

In short: if there are no internal causes can be determined then nobody can explain the phenomenon of excessive sweating. So there are no medical cures for hyperhidrosis. Some studies have shown that Hyperhidrosis could be just a psychological problem. Dismissing excessive sweating as a purely psychological problem would be a simple and logical explanation. For example, before a meeting, if someone is excited, then you can recognize a "wet" shake hands. So some say that hyperhidrosis is nothing else than a mental problem and with a right mental mind set, Hyperhidrosis would disappear. However, the psychological conditions of Hyperhidrosis are only speculations and psychological treatments only have worked on limited amount of people.


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