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Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating in conjunction with anxiety: Excessive sweating is often coupled with anxiety or mental problems. Then it is mostly a circle, Iontophoresis tries to brake up. Are you searching for help with this anxiety sweating problem? Are you interrested in the iontophoresis therapy, then learn more in our forum and on our other pages.
Buy iontophoresis now!Anxiety sweating questions from our customers.
Hello sir..just have two questions about the product:

1) Is there any commonality with regard to the people the device hasn't worked for? Basically my hyperhidrosis (hands and feet) are a symptom of my actual problem which is generalized anxiety disorder (brought on by drug use and a genetic predisposition). I'd say my palms and feet are usually clammy to varying degrees. Not so bad when I am by myself and worse out in public depending on how anxiety provoking the situation is (really bad in dating situations which I basically avoid) . Nerves are my real problem and the sweats are just a symptom. I'm just wondering if this machine is more geared towards people where hyperhidrosis is the actual affliction rather than a by-product.

2) I am teaching in S. Korea now. I believe the sockets over here are 220 i going to have any problems using this device over here? the other issue are the pins on the plug. Korean pins are different from North American ones and require a converter, although they are pretty easily found over here. Given your device is German, I'm just wondering what pins it uses and how I might be able to convert and plug it into Korean sockets. Thanks
addition in a second mail:
Sorry sir for the 2nd e-mail..I just wanted to mention that with my nervous condition for example, when I used to smoke, my hands and feet will sweat more because of the stimulus to my nervous system just as they would in a more anxiety provoking situation. Sorry for the 2nd e-mail but I just wanted to be clear on where I'm at physiologically to see if this device might work for someone more in my situation than the typical hyperhidrosis sufferer. thankks again.

to 1 : mostly only for the ones who cant stand the current or who have to drive higher levels the devcies couldnt provide/thay cant stand
this is the main reason why we recommend pulsed current
smoking is a trigger for sweating as well as hot or spicy meals
when it is the nerves you are in a circle you may brake with iontophoresis: If you are lucky the iontophoresis therapy will work for you - when the sweat is away, then i think you can calm down, and break this circle: nervous - sweat - more nervous stimulus - more symtoms, i your case sweat -

to 2 : it is a standard eu-mains plug, means for some countries you have to buy adaptors available cheap in every diy strore
Sweating more than needed
Thank you for your promt reply. I will purchase a machine probably within the next few days. My credit card is still run through Canada, so I just have to call home to make sure my mother will be able to aid me in paying it off back home which almost certainly should not be an issue. I will purchase the pulsed current one for easier  and less painful therapy, which leads me to two more quick questions and one quick note:
1) I assume the device comes with an instruction booklet to guide one through the process in terms of how it is done and how high to set it. However, is someone on your staff available for support e-mails if need be?
2)What is the difference between the Hidrex and the Idromed machine? 
note: when packaging the device, I would ask that the outside of the packaging be discreet, as it will be sent to my place of employment which is by far the safest way of getting packages sent to me. My interview was conducted by phone and little hand shaking goes on at work. As a result, my employers are not aware of my health issues and for obvious reasons, I would like to keep it that way. Thanks.

to 1 : it will be shipped discrete like all orders: we ship in a plain box with neutral wrap...

to 2 : take a look to Tapwater-iontophoresis   at the bottom is the point Differences Between the Idromed and Hidrex Models


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