Idromed 5 GS and PSThe Iontophoresis unit Idromed

The Iontophoresis units of Idromed 5 PC and Idromed 5 DC are proven Iontophoresis unit systems that can treat any severity of palmers, pedal, and axillary hyperhidrosis.

The Iontophoresis units of Idromed 5 PC and Idromed 5 DC are available at We strongly recommend people suffering from hyperhidrosis to purchase the Idromed 5 PC, because Pulsed Direct Current technology is more pleasant than using Direct Current thus allowing users to sustain the treatments longer and feel less "shocking tingling sensation" during the treatment periods.
The Idromed Iontophoresis units promises a long product life and you will not need any additional supplements to treat your sweaty hand, feet, or armpits (just the pads) once you attain the Idromed Iontophoresis device. The Iontophoresis is a device that you can rely on to prevent your hands and feet from sweating, but the iontophoresis devices DOES NOT "cure" hyperhidrosis. Users have to maintain a periodical treatment to prevent the sweating. If the user were to stop the treatments all together, sweating will gradually come back to pre-treatment conditions.
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Operating the Idromed

How to Operate the Idromed 5 Device

Idromed 5 PSThe Idromed 5 PC and Idromed 5 DC are both very easy to use. Users do not need a separate operating person to adjust the current when both hands are into the trays. The Idomed Devices was made for the greatest value of user-friendliness with the manual is vividly illustrating how to operate the devices. The Idromed devices are second to none in the market and the Idromed devices are a state of the art technology in treating Hyperhidrosis. As a reminder for safe therapy treatments, before the treatment starts the current maximum values are displayed allowing the users to know what levels they are treating at.
Buy iontophoresis now!The Iontophoresis therapy with the Idromed:
The therapy itself varies by individuals. Generally, after about 10-15 treatments is when users will suddenly reach "sweat-free" in the hand, feet, or armpits. The treatment settings of the current can vary from 1 to 25 mA.

For a secure implementation of iontophoresis therapy these are the following maximum settings:
Armpit sweating :  5 mA
Sweaty palms :    15 mA
Sweaty plants:     25 mA

The Idromed in detail

The Iontophoresis unit Idromed


Idromed 5 GS


Iontophoresis unit Idromed
The device is put into operation:

Idromed Set


The carrying case can be divided if users choose to use the carrying case for treatment tubs. Fill in the case Tap water, the device now can be connected to the mains
plug. With a press the Idromed device is ready for use

Idromed easy to use - self speaking display!Now the Idromed 5 display lits:
Figure 1. The Idromed leads a self-test routine. The Idromed displays to remind the maximum mA allowed to treat for the armpits, hands, and feet.

Figure 2
a. Turn the knob to adjust the desired current (mA) setting to your preference.
b. Place your hands or feet or both in the trays, or place the armpit pads in your underarms.


Figure 3. When therapy is running, the current will be slowly increasing to your mA setting. You can adjust the current settings during the treatment, if it is too strong or too weak.

Figure 4. When the therapy stops, you can remove now the hands, feet or underarm patches.

Figure 5. After you turn the device off and withdrew your hands, feet or the under patches from the treatment tubs dump the treatment water and dry the Idromed devices then safely store the Idromed device away.


Idromed 5 Iontophoresis unit - Iontophoresis machines

You are looking for iontophoresis units or Iontophoresis machines? You want to buy the iontophoresis unit Idromed 5? Here is the Idromed from Dr. Hoenle, a big german medical tech firm with over 30 years experience in iontophoresi units, starting with the Idromed 1. Now we are in the 5 th update. After the 4 th update there was (beside the standart Direct current iontophorsis device) a pulsed current device available too. This was one of the first Pulsed current device on the market that really worked. Dr. Hoenle has a big recomendation in iontophoresis and psoriasis treatment.All of the Idromeds from the 4th update didnt have the "electric fence" effect anymore, wich most of the other iontophoresis machines available still have.

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