Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating is when we sweat too much

Sweating is normal / Hyperhidrosis, severe or excessive sweating not. Iontophoresis might be a solution for your sweating problem. Are you searching for help with this extreme sweating problem? Interrested in iontophoresis, learn more in our forum and on our other pages. We cannot help everyone up. But we try to minimize the risk of a failed sweating treatment. If so we debit you back your money for the iontophoresis machines.
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Choice of questions from our customers showing where problems can occur with iontophoresis, some are containing some information that might be interresting for you:
Glycopyrrolate solution : The Skin & Cancer Foundation - Melbourne
I was wondering if you may be able to help me with a problem I am having at the moment with the iontophoresis treatments.

Buy iontophoresis now!I am using the Idromed 4 PS once a week for about 40 minutes and I have found a pharmacist that makes up the glycopyrrolate solution for me  at 0.05% strength. The Skin & Cancer Foundation here in Melbourne run an iontophoresis clinic where they use this solution in their Iontophoresis machines and you only need to treat once a week.  The problem is that the sweating is starting to come back and I don't know why.  I can't ring them for advice as they only do the treatments in their clinic on their machines and you have to go to them if you want the help.  Was just wondering if you can think of any reason why it might not be working so well for me?  I am putting salt in the water and the machine is going up to 23 mA for the whole time. The pharmacist said to use the Driclor roll on at night as well, do you think that would help to make it worse at all?
Thank you again for all of your help.
Warm regards,
dear sir,
i have problem sweaty palm and also with my foot, can your product help to stop my sweaty. fyi, i've been consult with my doctor and he said it's just because stress. wich product that can meet with my problem.
how i can purchase your product, how much price is your product, and how long you can deliver after payment.
my home is in indonesia.
Hi Markus, I just wanted to give you a few updates as I now started my treatment and had my first two sessions. I'm following the time schedule suggested by the italian Hypderhydrosis Association, which is: 10 sessions every other day + 5 sessions, one in three days + 2 sessions, one in five days. The suggested duration of each session is 30 minutes (15 + 15 with inverted polarity). That is an initial amount of 8.5 hours. Do you think this is OK, or do you suggest a different time schedule?
I've used a current intensity of 16mA so far, but I believe I can increase it. Yesterday, soon after the session, I felt my hands xxxxxxxx. However this morning my palms are cold and wettish again.
Last thing, would you please activate me for the reserved area of the forum?

Thanks for everything
Purchase of an iontophoresis machine to treat my sweaty hands
I am considering the purchase of an Iontophoresis machine to treat my sweaty hands. They are probably not as badly affected at other people but I was wondering of it needed to be very bad in order for the treatment to work effectively. Also, I think i read somewhere that it may not be safe to use if you have a copper coil fitted (which I do). Do you know if this is 1? Any information you give me would be greatly appreciated. Many thank
i have been a hyperhidrosis sufferer for as long as i can remember, sweating quite severely from my hands and feet. During cold weather i can get periods of 3-4 days with little or no sweat, but when the summer months come, or during stressful situations my hands literally drip, my feet do also and i find it very hard to wear thongs or open shoes.
This condition effects me immensely, as i sit here my keyboards i already covered in water.
I am seriously considering purchasing a machine, however i live in Australia.
I was just wondering, how do u convert the power to australian needs...?
Also what is the success rate, and if It doesn't work for me after 8weeks can I send it back and receive my money back?
It is a lot of money for me (as I am a university student) so i really need to know i am making the right decision.
any extra help / info would be great, i am worried as my condition is quite severe NOTHING HAS WORKED SO FAR!

So I have been doing treatments still and wanted some more advice.  Now if I have short finger nails does this effect the treatment? I ask this because I seem to feel it a lot under the nail and where the nail is cut short and like you said those type areas might atract the attention instead of the palm. Also what about cuts and scrapes? Do these make the treatment less effective as well? Is it also ok to rest the hand or foot right onto the plastice grid even if the grid is sitting right on the metal conductor? Also, is it ok to fill the tray I use my foot for with more water and have the tray with my hand have less water?

As for my treatment times is there such a thing as doing too much treatment or at too high of a level? The past 4 days I have been doing just right hand and right foot at xxx. One day I did a treatment for xxx minutes and another that same day at xxx minutes. And I have also just been doing the positive pole on my hand since that is all I really care about. Would it be better to make sure to do both poles on my hand or is doing just the positive ok?

I appreciate the help
I suffer from an extreme condition of palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis
I suffer from an extreme condition of palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis and I am really interested in buying the  IDROMED 5 PC together with the armpit electrodes. From what I read this could possibly change my life. I live in Gozo -Malta and our power supply is at 240 V. I would like to know wether this appliance is compatible with our system. Also I would like to know the total costings including shipment/postage/delivery to my home address. It would be also appreciated if you submit the approximate dimensions and wieght.
looking forward to start a new life.

Finally I am doing the treatment using the IDROMED 5 PC. I did the first four days with the positive pole in the right tub and I'm now in the third day with the positive in the left tub - seven days in all so far with 10mA each time. At 11mA, I feel a slight tingling sensation. No results so far. But I know its still early. I am concerned because after the third day I noticed small pimple like eruptions along the water line which became terribly itchy in the evenings. Apart from this I am also noticing that my fingers are getting slightly swollen especially in the evenings. May I ask if these are normal occurances or not? Do you think I am using a high current? Shall I continue? or what shall I do?
I don't wish to abandon this last chance of getting rid of my embarrasing condition.
Looking forward for a positive encouraging answer
thank you
Anxiety sweating
Dear Markus;
I have finally saved enough money for a machine!!! I am very happy, even though now it is winter my sweating has decreased drastically...it is the summer that i suffer terribly.
As u know i am very worried about this purchase! it has taken me forever to save this money i REALLY HOPE this works, as my hands sweat SO MUCH!!!
I just need to know how it all works...do i just make the payments all online using my bank card? Is my Australian money automatically converted into euro's this way, or do i have to go into a bank and do anything?
...also one more important question...does the machine use a lot of electricity as i am in a share house sharing bills?
thanks so much, i am so looking forward to trying this machine out your webpage has really really given me hope!

Hi Markus,

I would like know something regarding mains electric is being better than batteries. I guess that Hidrex and Idromed must have strong reasons to use mains because it must be more expensive, needing greater safety features, to do it this way. Can you please give me the "technical reasons" why the mains electric current might give better therepeutic effect than the current from batteries. you give me the techinical information and i will give my customers the simple explanation. is it something like
"batteries can NOT give a smooth, horizontal discharge curve"or "even though you can set battery machines to a specific mA current, the actual current is not consistent, resulting in you only getting the required therapeutic current through only a part of your treatment duration". I don't understand physics, but would it be true to say that
the voltage moves up and down during a treatment from batteries - stays the same from mains electric? The mA moves up and down during a treatment from batteries - stays the same from mains electric?
hi markus,
i was writing on the hyperhydrosis website forum previously. Well i have purchased a machine from your shop, obviously, so was just wondering if i could have further assistance.

I am FREAKING OUT, about the fact that i have my settings at 25 ma and don't really feel anything. I really really really want this to work Markus, its like my last chance to have a normal life without hands dripping with sweat! im really upset to think that something may be wrong as what is the point of trying to find the time to do all the treatments if i don't know if it is working or not.
i have only jsut started doing consecutive treatments (20 to 30 minutes daily) at settings of first 18 ma, then up to 23 ma and now 25 ma...nothing has happened so far. how long does it usually take to see results...and do you think my machine is working? other than not feeling anything but tingling sensation, everything else on the machine appears to work perfectly fine!!!
plz let me know what you think, as i am getting disheartened. I am not going to send the machine back, i am prepared to do watever it takes to make this work.
Hi Markus,

My first treatment: I used the machine last night at a very low setting 10ma. I could not handle 15 ma, I am very small, about 108 pounds, and am very sensitive to things. I had some very disturbing side effects, and I wonder if this is normal, and if this has happened to anyone else. After I did the procedure for 15 min on my hands and feet at 10 ma, my heart started to beat a little abnormally fast. This affected my sleep and I was not able to sleep all night. In the middle of the night I got up,broke out in a cold sweat, and passed out. I was very frightened because this has never hapened to me before. This morning, my heart is still beating abnormally, and I am a healthy young woman with no heart problems. Could this be because of my size? I would very much appreciate your help, because I am concerned about this problem. Thank you very much.
Hi Markus,

I am going on holiday for 14 days and can't take her iontophoresis machine. when i get back home, i knows that i will be sweating like i was originally. should i then do treatments every day like phase 1 ? if it took me 15 days to get dry initially, will i get dry quicker than 15 days this time ?


Hi, I am very interested in buying one of the iontophoresis machines. I live in the usa and I just wanted to make sure that you gaurantee a full rebate if the product does not work. If you could let me know that would be great!

Yes, thank you i did see that information, but my question is at what end do i switch the cables at? do i switch the cables that are connected to the metal plates? or do i switch the cables on the unit? is the + cable always plugged into the spot labeled + and the - cable always plugged into the placed labeled "-". please explain as i am going into my third week of treatment and still have sweat. i want to make sure i am doing this right.
If I make for hands 30 mins daily treatments (15 mins: left hand + and right hand - and after that 15 mins: left hand - and right hand +)
will I achieve faster results?
I ask this because yesterday I made the 21th session and it is still the same and I was wondering if I should extend the daily treatment time
okay, thanks. do you have an explanation of how iontophoresis works exactly?

have been doing 15-20 minutes for the past two weeks upon your suggestion. before that, i was doing 30-45 minutes for three weeks. what should i do now?

hey markus,

it's been about two weeks and still no success, most of the skin of the feet is slightly cracked (lotion does help this) except the soles, the thickest skin i am assuming, but there is still very much sweating. what should i do now? the skin feels thicker than usual. i am presuming the time should be increased? i am not worried about the cracks, just dryness.

so youve overtreated a bit as it seems, just cream in the skin after the treatments with xx lotion (xx) xx% (the more the better) or fresh xxx and cream in the skin several times a day, but not 1 hour before the treatment, dont xxx before the treatment...so that the skin isnt cracked any more, and could renew herself, keep ongoing with reduced treatment times of  xxx min. now , do this treatment shedule for another 2 weeks, if there is still no success we can try it other ways
it is a good sign that the skin is cracked (it is not good that the skin cracked, but it is a sign that iontophoresis will work at least for you!) because there is less (water) sweat in the upper skin, now it has to go in deeper areas , so you have a sign of success (even a bad one) but this is for the initial treatment, later you should not have these cracks when doing the maintenance treatment. if it hurts cover these spots or areas with xxx
It does not hurt in my hands. There, I feel a tingling sensation, as you mention in the instructions. But it is perfectly bearable, at least until the maximum you advise for the hands, 15 mA. I have not gone further than that. The only problem at higher rates is that I get a soft burn in the inner part of my wrists that get under the water.
Here is what I did:
Day 1-15: 18mA, water just cover inner palms, 15min on one polarity 15min on another (30 min in total)
Day 16-20: 18mA, 30 min each session, change the polarity in the next session, add a little bit baking soda
the skin of my palms seem to be thicker.
negative polarity always cause more crack than positive polarity.
in the first several sessions ( my palms were crack free), the + polarity has more tinglings than the - polarity.

I recently do some research over internet and find some interesting studies:
here is one article: link
this article states that lower pH index of water would have better effectiveness, the author also says that add a little acid in the water would increase the dryness. So, if what they say is true, adding baking soda in the water would have negative effect, because the pH index of baking soda is about 8.
I measured the pH index after my treatment, I also found the pH index of the water in + polarity is lower than 7, which the water in - polarity is higher than 7.

so, from your experience, do you think that I need to add some acid in the water?
another article: link
this article states that "The selection of the anodal current for one hand for the first five or seven sessions appears to be more effective than the use of polarity changes for each session."
I plan to do like that, change polarity 5-7 sessions.

wish me luck..

Severe Sweating
I recently purchased an Idrostar PS which I am using primarily to treat my feet. I do have very severe sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) that goes to my ankles. My question is what is the best way to treat the area on the top of my feet to my ankles. I have read from other using to do the treatment with ankle socks, and have also read to use larger bins. What is your recommendation? Also, if larger bins, is there one you recommend that the metal plates fit easily in?
hi, Markus, I have done 20 sessions with my Idromed PS, but there isn't any improvement. My hands still sweat at the same.
you know, I bought the device in January 2008, it has been over one year! after so many treatments, I suffered from so much frustration.
20 sessions are too fast to say anything tell me what you treat and how high in mA

from what I have read, success rate among those people who use DC device is relatively high. so, I plan to order an DC device.
If I order it, could you give me a discount? you know, the price is not cheap.
For DC and PC this may interest you : Why a iontophoresis pulsed machine normally wins over a direct one
Well i read that you are the maker and user of this product. So im guessing you suffer with HH as well.

But i was just wondering if you can give me some backgroung on how you use the machine. but i also want to add that i am currently using a Iontopheresis machine from a diffrent company and i am sucessful with it, but the problem that i have with it is that the pain and the itch of it is just is almost intollorable for me. but i have managed to get it done.

so how is it done?

Is it used every other day?
Anyhow, despite my effort and perseverance, my hands keep DRIPPING with sweat. Do you have any other advice?
im so excited to use it n see how it goes...
just a few questions:
first what do i do with the wet towels once a session is complete? do i have to dry them out again before i use them the next day?
second, it says that the machine will not work on 'normal' hands...if my hands are not sweating during a session, will it still allow me to continue?
sorry im new to all this, any info would be great!!!

I suffer with hyperhdrosis under the armpit and I stink when I get nervous. Embarrasing when I am work to the fact that I bring around extra clothing. Please give me more info. on this. I have heard about this and am looking around.
I have bought ionophoresis recently, I tried it
yesterday and the 2nd cable of the electrode with the negative connection
do not work , I cannot feel anything when it is turned on,the positive side
works: I feel some tingling sensation.

Answer: no problem, it works .. as stated in the manual: the positive electrode is
stronger, thats why you lay it to the part you sweat more, or change
polarity every week

there is a current flue from + to - ... if - is broken the current circuit
is broken too

Hi Mr. Markus, I received the machine recently in good condition, but upon trying to use it I came across an unseen problem. The adapter does not fit the US type socket.   Do you know if I can purchase one locally or must I go through the company again? When I ordered the product, nothing was mentioned that I would need this extra item. I would very much appreciate information about this and the price so that I can quickly get this ordered.  Time is of the essence!  If I have to go through the company, could you help me do a rush order? I patiently await your response.  Thanks

hi xxx, so ive seen you ordered this:
Iontophoresis Device PC (pulsed current)
Available now
Mains Plug 230/240V (Europe, etc.)
Electrode Plates Standard Aluminium
Armpit electrodes not included
so it doesnt fit, we thought you have already a stepup convertor. fastest possibility is to buy it there: xxx, or we ship it from here, then you have to buy it in our store

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