Therapy Towels for iontophoresis

Fluffy therapy towels for Iontophoresis - Therapy Towels are great for Iontophoresis

They help make the the therapy much more comfortable. No more of the plastic feeling as with the Mesh,the plastic Grid or, heaven forbid, Styropor.
Therapy Towels are very well liked and are a very popular item. Not all manufacturers include them in their standard sets . Some of them have stooped so low as to include those made of thick plastic foam( Styropor) that within a short time become very disgusting ( I don’t want to name any names – at the moment you can recognize those of other suppliers of Iontophoresis machines because of the blue color or ,better said , poison blue color.
Also a favorite are sponge cloths for use in the kitchen.
Honestly , you don’t want to even imagine what the bacteria culture in these cloths looks like after a while ( skin particles, cleaning solvents , soap rest etc. ). Especially when like with plastic you can’t even wash it hot.
Our Therapy Towels can naturally be washed at 90 degrees (cooked ).
We do not offer Therapy Towels in colors , because these with time become somewhat unaesthetic due to the water used etc. For this reason we offer Therapy Towels in Combipack.

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