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this is when the machine would run in DC mode with full power, compared to full power @ 90%

all currents below 90% compared of the direct current mode are equal...

normally noone can really reach full power in direct current mode

so the current is always higher in pulsed mode compared to direct current
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I hope this is my last question. : )
You wrote:

"DC and PC are equally effective at a same current level. This means for example, a DC machine at 12mA is equally effective than a PC machine at 12mA."

I thought, that when I use pulse current with 90% width, and therapy lasts 10 minutes, effective treatment time is 9 minutes. In direct current is 10 minutes, so when I want deliver the same dosage in pulse current my treatment should last ~ 11 minutes.

Is this correct?

Thank you for your patient. : )
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sorry, the info is false, it is 90'% - ive updated the old post...
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Sorry for my detailed questions, but I'm trying to understand differences... Smile In this sticky topic: you wrote about Idromed:

"The pulse width is preset at 50%"

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yes, but you cant compare apples to potatoes (you try to compare direct to pulsed current)

if you take the idromed with direct current it is also [email protected]@2KOhms= 3600 like the hidrex psp

the pulsed current of the hidrex is rated the same like the idromed, the possibility to switch to direct current with the hidrex psp1000 is not really needed for the treatment of hyperhidrosis - this should be always done with pulsed current

please take a look to
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:12 pm    Post subject: IontoFactor

Tell me if I understand this technical stuff correctly...
Hidrex PSP 1000 in direct mode can reach: 60V * 30mA * 2kO * 100% = 3600 IontoFactor
Idromed PS 5 can reach: 72V * 25mA * 2kO * 90% = 3240 IontoFactor
So the conclusion is, that Idromed PS 5 has a little bit weaker IontoFactor than Hidrex PSP 1000 in direct mode.
Am I correct?
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Sorry, this statement refers to the Hidrex PS 500 (the predecessor model).
The Hidrex PS 500 works only with a 50% pulse width in the pulsed current mode. The Idromed 5 PC has a pulse width of 90%. So the pulsed current of the Idromed 5 PC is a little bit stronger compared to the Hidrex PS 500. With the new Hidrex PSP 1000 you can now adjust the pulse width from 50% to 90% (making the pulsed current stronger). With the same pulse width (90%) the Hidrex reaches about 30 mA and the Idromed 5 PC reaches 25mA. (The 35 mA of the Hidrex refers to the direct current mode).
Basically the Hidrex PSP 1000 and the Idromed 5 PC are equally strong (they have the same Iontofactor):
PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:28 pm    Post subject: Re: I suffer from hyperhidrosis

It is not really difficult to run a Hidrex iontophoresis unit, the fact is that Hidrex doen't have this strong Pulsed current. You can compare them in mA Hidrex ~ 20 mA Pulsed, Idromed 25 mA @ the same Voltage

I have a question about your devices. You wrote, that Hidrex has 20mA Pulsed, but in tech spec there is written, that it has 35mA in pulse current, so why? (Idromed actually has in his tech spec 25mA).
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1) Several, but I don't know the exact number..
2) Compensatory sweating is not known with Iontophoresis. Doing too much will make the skin too dry.
4) At first sight it may look more complicated, and indeed it is, but only in the beginning. You have to use the manual maybe the first 3 times , then when you get used to the Iontophoresis unit it is easy!
5) They are both practical over a long time, maybe the Hidrex is more stable from the surrounding (comes without laquer).

I would strongly recommend not to do a ets, just take a look under no-ets-dot-com.

Just a few more questions.
1) Over the past few years, how many users from Malaysia has bought this product?
2) Does the use of these machines have any side effects, e.g. compensatory sweating, soreness, etc.
3) In the event that this machine is faulty during the guarantee period, I will mail it to Germany but how will I be compensated for the shipping fee?
4) It is stated that the Hidrex is able to be use at a higher voltage but the machine looks much more complicated to use compared to Idromed.
5) For long term usage, will Idromed / Hidrex be more suitable and practical as it will not eliminate the problem 100%?

The cost of approximately Euro 450 is very high for me, I just want to make sure I get the correct product. I have refused to go to undertake an ETS and I hope your device will help. I hope you understand my concerns.

Many thanks,

I have severe hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet.

Which machine is better -- the Hidrex or Idromed?

Dear customer, Please take a look to Iontophoresis device differences
In short: Iontophoresis treatment of sweaty hands and sweaty feet, if you will, if you wish to treat hyperhidrosis at the same time (simultaneously): in this case idromed 5 pc
or else :
hidrex pc or Idromed PC.
If you cant find answers to your questions , please respond with the concerns open...

Answer to: Subject: quick question


I have searched the forum without finding an explicit answer to this:
What machine out of either Idromed 5 PC or Hidrex 5 PC would you recommend for someone who wishes to treat both palms and feet?
I would just like to get a simple answer plus explanation of why. (Regardless of price and length of guarantee, as it is the performance of the machine itself I care about)

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon.
PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:31 am    Post subject: I suffer from hyperhidrosis

I suffer from hyperhidrosis. I've been using for some years the Fischer Galvanic in the US, however I recently moved to Europe and didn't bring it with me since I know there are some good options here.
I basically want to know what would be the advantages from spending about 50 euros more on the Idromed compared to the Hidrex device (I'm considering buying a unit with pulse current, and in the case of Idromed I would also buy the US-plug adapter in case I want to keep it there). I know the Hidrex can be switched from PC to DC and viceversa, and that it can also be plugged in in different countries. That's why I don't understand what are the advantages of getting the more expensive Idromed.

From what I understand Idromed is more expensive only because of its easiness to operate (Hidrex does not look particularly difficult to run). Please let me know if I'm missing something, I just want to spend my money wisely.

It is not really difficult to run a Hidrex iontophoresis unit, the fact is that Hidrex doen't have this strong Pulsed current. You can compare them in mA Hidrex ~ 20 mA Pulsed, Idromed 25 mA @ the same Voltage
So I recommend Idromed for a sweaty feet, or a simultaneous sweating hands and feet treatment with a pulsed current ( Which I prefer myself), for all other purposes you may use the Hidrex or the Idromed. The Hidrex machine is more stable and it doesnt get so "easily" scratched (Idromed is laquered) because the Hidrex is made out of a stable and scratch resistant plastic (even the foil over the setup buttons).
Another reason to buy would be would be:

- When you wish to setup the treatment time I would say: Take the Hidrex, or you must end the treatment before 15 min (which you can do wihtout getting a electric shock) or you have to setup the machine new for another 15 min. treatment.

- If you wish to have a "overtherapy" recognition you have to have the Hidrex, Idromed does not have this .

- If you want to have a machine that remembers the last setup or offers different modes (manual - automatic) you have to take the Hidrex. The Hidrex PC even has 3 different storages for each treatment hands ,feet and armpit mode.
PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:36 pm    Post subject:

Thanks you very much. I'll buy the Idromed PC today, I'm living in Mexico.
PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:15 am    Post subject: Differences in Idromed & Hidrex iontophoresis machines

Idromed and Hidrex units are very similar in one point: Both are professional iontophoresis machines.

The differences are seen in another philosophy:

Iontophoresis machines brand: Idromed
Idromed wants to keep the iontophoresis treatment routine with their machines very simple, means:
"Iontophoresis for dummies" - you dont have to think about how to use these machines, it is "plug and play iontophoresis".

Iontophoresis machines brand: Hidrex
The iontophoresis units from Hidrex follows a more technical approach.

With all iontophoresis machines from Hidrex you have access to the parameters time and current. Also there is a "over therapy recognition" avoiding cracked skin in the beginning of the treatment (after you get used to the current this problem should not occur anymore).

Furthermore with the Hidrex PSP you can access and choose the current form and adjust it from a smooth pulsed current mode into a direct current mode.

There is also a possibility to adjust the pulse width in 10% steps from 50-90% pulse, letting you adjust the current more tailored for e.g. underarm sweating treatments.

There are also 3 user setups which store the last settings you have had automatically.

Idromeds have only one big knob where you can adjust the current, the rest works automatically: Begin the treatment, the machine will increase the current to where you have adjusted it with the knob, after 15 minutes the current is decreased automatically and the treatment is finished. You have even to decide wich current you want in first, so if you want to treat with a direct current iontophoresis machine, or with a pulsed current iontophoresis machine. These are 2 different machines.
If you want to treat a whole hour you have to do 4 treatments in a row, pushing the big button (knob) twice, to start once again the treatment (first push to switch off, second to setup the iontophoresis machine once again).

Differences are also described on the page: Tap water Iontophoresis in the last chapter.

Differences between idromed and hidrex iontophoresis units.

Hi, I'd like to know what's the diference between Idromed and Hidrex. Descriptions about each one show that they are very similar. There are advantages/disadvantages about using each one? In terms of results what it's the best?

1) What is the difference between your Idromed and Hidrex in terms of functionality? I suffer from severe hands and feet sweat.

2) Does either Idromed or Hidrex require the use of tap water?
both iontophoresis machines use tap-water

3) Is there any local support for your products in Malaysia in cases where there are problems with the product?
No - just take a look at our enhanced warrantees

4) Is the treatment painful using your products?
Not when the iontophoresis machines are used properly...

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