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Iontophoresis: Effectivity of Pulsed and Direct Current

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PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2012 3:09 pm    Post subject: Iontophoresis: Effectivity of Pulsed and Direct Current Reply with quote

At the same current strength, pulsed and direct current are equally effective.

When using the smooth pulsed current, a lot of users are able to:
- stand higher currents and therefore lower the treatment times
- have a fully comfortable treatment experience
- reduce skin irritations
- in many cases, they will have the benefit of all three!

Which iontophoresis device should one choose?
Below you’ll find some differences between the Idromed and the Hidrex devices:

The Idromed devices are very user-friendly, but allow only one adjustable setting: the current strength. The pulse width is preset at 90% and is not adjustable and timer has a fixed time of 15 minutes.

The Hidrex GS400 is also easy to use. The Hidrex PSP1000 is a bit more flexible, since it allows numerous adjustable settings: current strength / pulse width / treatment time / different user modes.
Consequently, during the beginning one has to invest a bit more time with the PSP1000 than with the Idromed in order to completely understand how it works .

For the treatment of the underarms and the hands, the variable pulse width settings of the Hidrex PSP1000 is a very useful feature, since it enables the finest nuances in iontophoresis therapy.

The pulse width setting of 100% equals the classic direct current. Be careful with this setting, since direct current is felt very strongly at certain settings and can cause pain and burns.

Rule of thumb:

Effect = Current x Treatment Time x Frequency

Current = the product of Volt x milliAmpere @ body resistance
Treatment Time = how long your sessions are
Frequency = how often you treat in one week

If you can stand higher currents with a pulsed current machine than with a direct current machine, then the treatment time can be reduced by that factor proportionally.
For example:
With direct current you can take 5 mA at the most, your treatment sessions are 30 min long and you treat 4 times a week.
Effect = 5 mA x 30 min x 4 times a week
With pulsed current you can stand up to 10 mA. This is twice as high as with the direct current machine. This means, that you can reduce either the treatment time by 50% or the frequency by 50% and you will get the same results.
If you reduce the treatment time: Effect = 10 mA x 15 min x 4 times a week
If you reduce the frequency: Effect = 10 mA x 30 min x 2 times a week

The advantages of a pulsed current machine are obvious! Not only that you now have a smoother treatment and current feeling,but that you can stand higher currents, which allow you to reduce either the treatment time or the frequency, obtaining the same results as with a direct current machine.

Every person needs a certain current level to have success with iontophoresis.

Unfortunately there is no actual way of measuring this level before buying a machine. So basically, it’s trial and error. This means that if you can´t reach your needed current level with a direct current machine, even if you would treat every day for the rest of your life, you would not have any success.
For example: an individual owns a direct current machine and wants to treat his feet. He can only go up to 13mA and anything above that hurts. He treats and treats it again and again and weeks pass by with no success. It is very likely that he needs more than the 13mA that he can stand to become dry. But because of the pain of the direct current, he can’t go higher. This is another reason for deciding to buy a pulsed current machine. With a pulsed current machine, he will most likely be able to go way higher than the 13mA since the treatment will be much smoother than direct current.

Conclusion: One should always choose a smooth pulsed current iontophoresis therapy without side effects (when higher current is needed) than an uncomfortable iontophoresis therapy using direct current.

Here you´ll find the product links:
Hidrex Iontophoresis with Pulsed Current in EURO or in USD
Idromed Iontophoresis with Pulsed Current in EURO or in USD

Read more:
Cases when Direct Current is more effective than Pulsed Current
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