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Iontophoresis with metal parts or implants

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:09 pm    Post subject: Iontophoresis with metal parts or implants Reply with quote

First of all, we have to clearly state: Any metal parts or implants in the body, (no matter where they are located) are a contraindication for Iontophoresis treatments and you have to ask your doctor or surgeon if you can perform Iontophoresis AT ALL. Theoretically (theoretical physics), it should only be contraindicated if the metal parts are in the path that the current travels but, since we are not doctors in the medical field, all things that are contraindications must be confirmed from a trustworthy doctor or surgeon to make sure that Iontophoresis is safe to perform.

When deciding on how to do Iontophoresis, IN ANY CASE, you should ask your doctor if it is safe for you and if there is a way to do it that physically excludes the metal parts from the direct current pathway similar to what is shown in the photos, which is based on theoretical physics. If you have this information, you should be able to perform Iontophoresis treatments even if you have metal parts or implants in your body. There should be no need to stop the Iontophoresis treatments completely. By following some simple rules, you might be able to continue your sessions.

To emphasize this again: all metal implants are contraindications - We are not doctors so ask your doctor if it is safe before trying the method below according to YOUR situation.

In theory, the important thing is that the metal parts aren't located where the current flows. So, for example, if you have braces, hand/feet/underarm treatment it should not be a problem but, facial treatment would be. If you have a metal screw on your knee, then hands/underarm treatment it should be a not problem but, for feet treatment, you would have to proceed differently.

In the case above, if you want to treat your feet and have a metal piece or implant in the path of the current flow, the following may help: take both electrodes and place them in a large plastic tub (the default cases are too small for this), one next to the other. Put the towels on top of them and then put both of your feet perpendicular to the electrodes, meaning, each foot should touch both electrodes (as on the picture below).
(Please note : The towels should be dripping wet, also do not fill water in the tub too high because this can reduce the effect of iontophoresis through direct current flow. Also there should be about a minimum distance of 2 cm between the electrodes and a distance of 0.5 cm between the wet towels. If you use only one towel (or if the two towels touch and effectively become one), the current itself runs mainly over the material of the towel and not over the skin.

This may also reduce a possible sweat reduction effect and this may cause you to be under the sweat "breakpoint level" that is necessary for sweat reduction.

The point where the most current is located is between the area where parts are nearest to each other (in the case of the photo, the border between the 2 electrodes). This may also cause a loss of Iontophoresis therapy current that is necessary to have success at the area of the foot that you want (in this example the area that the towels touch and the heels).

Another important thing to note: The towels must cover the whole surface of the electrodes to prevent burns and irritations due to direct contact with the skin.

If you do your feet treatment like this, then the current flow should, in theory, remain on your feet (see Fig. 1) and not go through your feet, legs and hips (see Fig. 2).

If you have a screw or implant in your elbow for example and want to do hand treatments, then the method above may also help too.

As mentioned earlier, the most important thing is that the current does not flow through the area where the screw or implant is.

As always with Iontophoresis, it is highly individualized and you have to determine if this Iontophoresis will work for you by trial and error. Again, all contraindications or modified current treatment should be discussed with your doctor to see if it is harmless.

You are welcome...
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 1:02 am    Post subject: Testing this method Reply with quote

Has anyone tried this method with a titanium implant?
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