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Sure they fit .. up to 52
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I am considering purchasing the Hidrex PSP 1000 to treat hands and feet simultaneously but am not sure if both my size 41 feet will fit in the tray. Can you advise please?
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This is very individual, everyone has to try it out to see what is more effective.
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Since the current is being spread to both hands and feet at max settings (25 mA), how much of this current affects the hands?

How is it comparable to just doing the hands alone at 15 mA vs 25 mA on both the hands and feet? Which is more effective in a 15 minute time span?
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Yes, with the Idromed and Hidrex devices you can do this. Simply put both feet with one electrode in one tray at the floor, the other tray electrode on a desk. Put a towel beneath and letave always at least one hand in the tray to keep the current cirquit. With the the other free hand you can adjust the intensity of the current , after the adjustment just put the hand next to the other in the tray. Now both hands and both feet can be treated at the same time.

Is there a machine that can treat both hands and feet at the same time?

How do you treat the hands and feet for hyperhydrosis at the same time with the idromed 5 pc? Is there four pans? (two for hands and two for feet). Also, are the pans filled with water so the hands or feet are completely coverd?


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I would like to be sure that your product has 4 basins to complete hands and feet together. In other words, is it necessary to buy extra ones?

Also, what is the length of time needed to treat hands and feet simultaneously?

Finally, do you deliver to France?
Thank you.

There is no need for 4 basins as you can see on the picture

Normally it takes the same amount of time to stop excessive sweating as when doing seperate treatments, if the device is able to deliver the wished for current.
France is no problem, we deliver worldwide.

Could You tell me please how often do people usually need to have treatment with IDROMED 5 PC after they reach dryness of hands? How many times per week? And how many minutes per treatment?
Iontophoresis treatment is highly variable, so there is no general answer for this quest. Normally dryness is acieved wafter 10 days, ongoing iontophoresis treatments have to be done normally once to twice a week for 15 min.

Could You tell me please, when someone buys IDROMED 5 PC - how many treatment baths are there in one suitcase? Is it possible to have a treatment for hands and feet at the same time or for such a treatment 2 additional baths are needed?

Hi My name is xxx and ? asked a question yesterday but I could not take a good answer, anyway, ? want to ask you a new question and that is important for me. I have decided buy pc IDROMED PC5 but I want to treat my hand and my foot together at the same time so if ? buy IDROMED PC5 that has got necessary equipment for doing that if it hasn't got, can ? buy those equipments from you? because I have read details about IDROMED PC5 that has got only 2 x stainless aluminium plate electrodes (nickel-free), 2 x electrode cables, 2 x distance grids and the 2 half?s of the suitcase also double as treatment tubs so please answer me

Just to confirm, I want to order your most recommended unit, the Idromed PC with upgraded plates. If I understand, this is a step-up from your DC unit. If I want to treat hands and feet simultaneously, is there a way to do that, or to I need to treat hands in one round, feet in another? Thanks!

I have an inquiry about the Idromed 5 PS. I would like to buy the machine to treat hands and feet at the same time. The pictures show that in this case both hands and feets have to be placed in the same tray. Is this effective? Or may i buy supplementary trays and electrodes so I can treat one limb per tray.

You have to put both hands in on tray and the same with the feet, sure it is effective, because Hidrex and Idromed are powerful Iontophoresis machines allowing for treatment of large areas of the skin with a powerful Pulsed current. There is no advantage when having seperate trays for all 4 extremities. Only the disadvantage of higher costs, more cables and electrodes/tubs to dry after the treatments.

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