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Little Success

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:22 am    Post subject: Little Success Reply with quote

- What type of device are you using (manufactorer/model)?
RA Fishcer MD - 2A
- What areas are you treating (hands, feet, hands+feet together, armpit, other areas)?
Hands & Feet
- Do you treat them with direct current or pulsed current?
Pulsed, I believe. It switches hands every 20 seconds
For every treated area we need to know:

- Initial Treatment was done every day?
Instructions recommended every 2 days, but after a while I began to do every other day
- For how many days (overall treatment days)?
- Were there breaks during the Initial Treatment (in days)?
2 day break starting off. I started treatments on December 24th, on Jan 18th I switched to every other day.
- How long is the treatment time (in minutes for each session)?
20 min for hands, 20 min for feet
- How high is the current for each treated area (please clarify if current is shown in mA or Voltage)?
- In %, how much better is the sweating than before starting the therapy?
Only when using the Hidrex PSP1000
- How high is the Pulse Width set for each treated area?
- Does the therapy hurt in parts of the treated areas? And if yes, where?
Only around cuts, I apply vaseline so that it is not an issue
- Describe the feeling?
- Have you got blisters, injuries or cracks on the skin (please describe where, how many)?
- What do you use to cover them?
- If you cover them, does it hurt anyway?
Yes sometimes still does especially on feet. I believe that this may be due to the fact that the skin on my feet is a little bit dry.
Only for hand and feet treatment:
- Do treat hands and feet simultaneously?
- Where do you sweat exactly (soles/sides/top ...)?
On entire palm and bottom of feet
- How high is the water in the trays?
About half an inch, water covers just the top of my fingers
- Do you regularly use creme on your hands or feet? If yes, what kind of creme?
- Do you use supplements in the water like soda or salt?
I recently began to experiment with the amount of baking soda I use. I believe I started to add 1 half teaspoon of baking soda to the water, then 1 full teaspoon, and now I just add maybe a quarter of a teaspoon. I also add 2 mg of crushed glycoporrolate pills to each tray.
- Do you take any nutrition supplements like vitamins?
- Do you take any oral medication (any kind, like Vagatin, Aspirin, etc.)
- Have you tried†Iontophoresis†before? If yes, where (clinic, at home)?
- If yes, did you have success?
- If yes, what kind of device was it?
- Have you moved since then or have you moved since you started the therapy with the actual device?
- Did something change regarding the quality of your water?
- Did you install a water softener in your house?
No water softener in house but I believe that the issue could be the hardenss of the water. The water where Iím from is very soft which is why I began to add the pills and baking soda to the water. I am beginning to think that perhaps it would be best to purchase some sort of mineral water to use. I also read recently that warmer water helps so I will try that as well. Unfortunately for me I have little time to experiment. I have one more month left until I can no longer return the device. If I donít see significant improvement by March 15th, I will most likely return the device and look to buy a Hidrex Machine. Thanks a ton for you help it is greatly appreciated.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


sorry but this kind of support is for our customers only! You should contact RA Fisher customer support directly.
Or even better, simply return the unit, get one of ours and the support included! We also offer an 8 week money back, should you not be satisfied. =)
You are welcome...
Support Staff

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You can reach us from 9am to 5pm !Board time!

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