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Iontophoresis side effects

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PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2012 3:30 pm    Post subject: Iontophoresis side effects Reply with quote

There are only few if any side effects known from Iontophoresis (if the therapy is done correcty *)

Described are:
Redness of the treated parts direct after the therapy (reversible - it will disapear fast)
Itchy feeling for some users during the therapy.
Reversible skin irritation in the beginning.
Tingling sensation through the Iontophoresis current --> felt much stronger when treating with direct currents.
Too dry upper skin because of Iontophoresis overtherapy, resulting in too dry cracking skin.
Blisters, this is sometimes seen in the beginning when treating excessive sweating with Iontophoresis - these blisters are also reversible.
Increased sweating can occur as a reversible symptom and is mostly a sign that the treatment will work in soon (like a homeopathic effect).
Burns when the current driven was too high, mainly when there was nothing between the electrodes and the skin (for this you always have to lay the distance grids or distance towels between the treated areas and the electrodes) or when the skin was injured before (cracks or blisters) and they were not covered with a suitable fat cream.
Some very few users experience a higher heart beat frequency in the beginning stages (reversible), but no one knows if it is only the high psychological pressure they have from the Hyperhidrosis in correlation to the high expectations for Iontophoresis itself to work for excessive sweating.
We concede this is the case for this, because after having success we have not heard from anyone that the problem still exists.
The other opinion would be that the body gets used to the current.
thats - up to now (and Iontophoresis has been used for Hyperhidrosis since the 1950s) - all folks.

*However with Iontophoresis you can do a lot of things wrong that can cause a "overtherapy" effect. And when doing it completly wrong you can "burn" the skin. This is not a side effect from Iontophoresis, this is a false Iontophoresis handling or therapy setup!
You are welcome...
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