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Cash on delivery in Italy for iontophoresis

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:37 am    Post subject: Cash on delivery in Italy for iontophoresis Reply with quote

One of my family will be on vacation traveling by tour to italy this tuesday, is there possible you could arange COD to his hotel ? He only stay for a day or two.
And if you could how much psp1000 cost with the stainless steel electrode ?
thank you very much.
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

COD for Italy takes min. 2-3 days, so item would leave on monday, and then it takes at least to wednesday, mostly 3 days, so i would say this is too short for a attempt, also when there is noone there to hand over the money (and in a hotel you are surly not there from 8 in the monring to 5 in the evening) - the pack returns for a pickup in a office.

The price is always the same, for EU also taxes (19%) are included - and this is the reason why you have only limited warrantee and exchange features when dealing within the eu

this leads to the fact that you loose several rights within the eu - this is different to the rest of the world

so for intophoresis machines bought within the eu you have these rights:
pick up at the door if someting is wrong and cannot be solved via online bugfix
BUT only for the country and all EU-states you bought the device
This works also for all EFTA countries!
we work for also a exchange service that surly comes in the future for all eu countries, at the moment this is only for germany, switzerland, italy, norway and spain possible

If you wish to have additional abroad services like US Canada or Australia (and also the rest of the)
you need to buy the device via this platform and let it deliver to countries who are NOT in the EU or EFTA

There is nothing to spare, so we recommend to use the normal way

CONCLUSION: If you buy a device wihtin the EU, you cannot take it abroud and then, if somethign occurs ask for a free delivery, custom clearance and fixation back
This is because we need loads of time when something happens to set our customers as good as it works free from filling out the custom needed things, we pay for the backshipping in regards to our policy and we also take over and pay occuring importation taxes and fees
so it is really a complicated thing and this is the reason why we dont hand over deals and discounts whitin EU EFTA or other countries - it would also complicate the whols thing more than needed

however if you want to deliver it until wednesday to Italy ou have to pay via immediate payment, like paypal or creditcard
cod takes too long .. through the payment process, and we are not able to ship COD with 1-2 days express services
You are welcome...
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